I can’t decide whether I hate or love this video. Can something be so fucking bad that it becomes good? Couple weeks ago, we proved that ‘Star Wars Kinect’ is the only thing in the universe that can make Han Solo look like a little bitch. Well, this time, it’s the Galactic Empire’s turn to show us what they do on the dance floor. What’s really weird is that I can’t help but get into this video. What is it about a Stormtrooper doing the moonwalk and Darth Vader dusting off his shoulder (or “Not a scratch” as they call it) that makes it Star Wars Kinect forgivable unlike the “Ridin’ Han Solo” video. Maybe it’s because the Dark Side makes everything look fucking cool. Also, why is “The Yoda” a move where you push your hands down to your crotch?

Hit the jump, check out the video, and you decide!.

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