I think it’s safe to say that there is no illustrator like Skottie Young (@skottieyoung). He style is one of a kind and as been the focus of many imitators. This Eisner Award winning artist have been making his mark in the comic book world with his amazing work in THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ and recently hit the jackpot with a “Marvel Babies” inspired Midtown Comics variant cover for AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1. I guess even Marvel noticed the fanfare of Skottie Young’s amazing work as they are releasing eight variant “Marvel Babies” cover for their upcoming MARVEL NOW! books. Skottie Young’s pint-size heroes will be found has variant covers for UNCANNY AVENGERS, A PLUS X, ALL-NEW X-MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR, INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK, IRON MAN, THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, and DEADPOOL. All I know is, I will be picking up every one of these variant covers.

Damn, I do love the Loki kitty. Hit the jump and check out Skottie Young’s amazing Marvel Now! variant covers!

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Now this is pretty bad ass! Munny customizer extraordinaire, Lotan Kritchman put together a collection of custom seven inch Marvel Zombies Munnys. Each of these Munny are handmade and one of a kind. Each Marvel Zombie Munny is created using super sculpey clay, acrylic paints, and a whole lot of skill and vision. Each of these Munny is available for you to own ranging from $150 to $250 each at DIY Customs Shop. It looks like Lotan isn’t done with just this set and will be making more Marvel-ous zombie creations.

Hit the jump and check out more pics!

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I guess I now know why the X-Men stay to themselves and pretty much have zero social lives. Maybe it’s because NOBODY wants to hang out with them. As shown here in a video by Awkward Spaceship, it’s not the powers or hate towards mutants that keeps people from calling the X-Men for drinks, but because of these X-Men’s little annoying quirks. On the other hand, it looks like nobody hates Wolvie. Logan’s the shits!

Hit the jump and check out “Drinks with the X-Men”.

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Hilarious! I always find it hilarious when no one questions Emma Frost’s choice of costume. She’s pretty much in lingerie and it serves no purpose other than seduction. Well, I guess Sebastian Shaw has had enough with Ms. Frost as show in this short by “Monkey and Apple” (@monkeyandapple). While trying to interrogate Wolverine, Shaw doesn’t get the results he was hoping from Emma’s powers. I guess it was the last straw and Shaw pretty much goes ape-shit about Emma Frost’s “assets” which results in my headphone speakers blowing out and loss of hearing. Now, lower the volume and enjoy!

Hit the jump and check out the video!

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What if… What if there is a church that worships the heroes of comic books? I can tell you that I would go ever damn Sunday and never miss a single mass. At the moment, there is not “Church of the Bat” or “Church of X”, but we might just have an idea of what it might be like inside such a church. Etsy seller, FayProduction offers a very cool decal print of various characters from Batman and X-Men designed to imitate stained glass. You can get some of these magnificent prints and stick it on your window to make instant stained glass murals. I think my favorite of the bunch has to be Alfred. I would love to attend the “Church of Pennyworth”. You can pick up these cool prints at FayProduction’s Etsy store!

Hit the jump and check out FayProduction’s cool stained glass prints!

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A few days ago, the new ‘X-Men’ anime released over in Japan. A lot of us (including myself) have been patiently waiting for the new anime to release and now that it has, I have to say that I am in awe of the quality of animation of the new series. Considering the animation will be done by MADHOUSE (the team behind ‘Trigun’) and Warren Ellis and Jeph Loeb will be advising, the show will definitely be something special. I’m not going to put out any spoilers on whats to come because that would just be a dick move, but what I can do is show you the opening credit sequence for the new anime series. It is much different and cannot be compared to the opening of the old school X-Men animated series on Fox a long time a go, but I seeing the mutants in action makes my mouth water. It’s THAT freakin’ good. The song isn’t as great as the original though…

Hit the jump and check out the opening sequence for the new ‘X-Men’ anime by MADHOUSE.

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I find this statue to be quite awesome. Expanding on the very popular, “Marvel Bishoujo” collection designed by Shunya Yamashita, famed toy maker, Kotobukiya newest release will be featuring our favorite ginger from the X-Men, Jean Grey (AKA Phoenix). Kotobukiya already made a bishoujo version of Phoenix so this is pretty exciting to see that Jean’s old yellow and blue costume is getting some love considering its my favorite.

Having already joined the lineup in her Phoenix form, Jean Gray is back – and in her classic yellow and blue uniform! One of the most beloved heroines in the Marvel Universe and part of the initial X-Men lineup, the telekinetic Jean Gray has been perfectly depicted here in a newly reinvisioned form by master illustrator Shunya Yamashita. With her costume based on the Jim Lee design used in X-Men Vol. 2 #1, this is sure to be a fast favorite for any X-Men fan! Jean is posed in the middle of using her mental powers and her base shows her engaged in mid-air combat. The base also features elements of the X-Jet and is shown firing a missle to support Jean’s efforts! Jean even includes special clear effect parts that can be attached to the figure to simulate her Psychic Blast attack!

I really love the themed base featuring the “X-Men Blackbird” shooting out of a cloud of smoke. Beautifully designed by Shunya Yamashita and sculpted by Youhei Suzuki (Heavy Gauge), you can get your mitts on bishoujo Jean Grey in August for around 50 bucks!

Where to buy: Big Bad Toy Store

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