I’m having a difficult time deciding whether I really like this cosplay or not. Created by Ryan Brooks (AKA TheRealTonyStark), Brooks spent over 1200 man-hours to recreate the infamous “Mark V” briefcase armor from ‘Iron Man 2’. The cosplay consists of 384 individual pieces of armor which included over 4000 Lego Technix pieces. Crazy! The cosplay (with the help of friends) folds neatly (kinda…) into a briefcase-like package and folds out so that Brooks can set in and lift the armor over his body. I do admit the suit doesn’t look like a briefcase much when you see it folded up and the suit is a bid odd when Brooks is wearing it (the helmet seems REALLY huge), but I can’t help but be in awe of Brook’s creation. Regardless whether it looks clean or not, you have to applaud his dedication to get this made. You can see more info on how Ryan created his suit at his page.

Hit the jump to check out a video of this briefcase suit in ACTION!

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