Dick in a box or a box in a dick?

How much do you love ‘Doctor Who’? Do you love Doctor Who enough to make a TARDIS dildo?! Kristen from The Toymaker Project recently created “The TARDIS Tickler” as a finals project in her casting and molding class. She suspended a miniature TARDIS in clear silicone emulating the TARDIS tumbling through a wormhole like in the iconic opening credits in the show. I’m not sure this was what the Doctor had in mind when he first stole the TARDIS. I’m pretty sure he had plans to travel through different points in time and space instead of landing inside a girl’s private parts. I can’t help, but crack up when I read a Toymaker Project reader’s comment asking if “it feels bigger in the inside”. HA! This was only an one-off custom so I don’t think Toymaker Project has any plans to sell it… Well, I hope not… /facepalm

Hit the jump if you want to see more pics. Only if you REALLY want to….

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