Oh man… Why hasn’t anybody thought of this until now? I love everything about this mash-up between Super Mario Bros. and Nicolas Winding Refn‘s Drive. Dubbed, Kart, not even the smallest detail wasn’t overlooked in this fan-made trailer. Everything got the Mario twist. Bravo Dr. Coolsex Comedy. Bravo!

Hit the jump and check out Kart.

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It’s Wednesday. We need a break. Thanks to Diwa de Leon, you get the enjoy the smooth sounds of his “Mini Mario Orchestra” as they do a rundown of theme songs from our favorite RPG video games such as Final Fantasy and Skyrim. I have to say that there is a lot of one-man orchestra performance videos online, but I take my hat off to Diwa as he has taken it to the next level and made his video into a visual treat. It cracks me up when the conductor is rockin’ out the music in that terrible shirt.

Hit the jump and check out the Mini Mario Orchestra in action!

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War is no joking matter. It’s ugly, brutal, and bloody. Sacrifices are made on both sides of the conflict and lives are lost. That is the case with Mario Warfare. Created by Beatdown Boogie (@beatdownboogie) (directed by Micah Moore, written by Christopher G. Moore, Micah Moore) Mario Warfare is the classic story of good versus evil with a lot of martial arts and machine guns in the middle. Mario Warfare combines two thing that we love. Super Mario Bros. parody fan videos and random senseless violence. I sure love the smell of burnt Koopa Troopa shells in the morning.

Hit the jump and check out the trailer for Mario Warfare!

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Ever since I got my first copy of Super Mario Bros., Luigi has been my favorite. Maybe it’s because it was the green outfit or maybe it was because he jumped a bit funny, but regardless, Luigi has been a childhood favorite of mine. Well, I didn’t realize until I grew up how fucked up it was for Luigi. Mario is always hording all the good power ups and getting the girl. Luigi gets nothing. So, is it possible that Luigi might have been silently in love with Princess Peach? Sure he was! Why else would the guy put his life in danger over and over again just so his brother can get a little action. Well, I guess the team at Husky Productions feels the same as I do. They created a little music video of Luigi (played by Kurt Hugo Schneider @KurtHScheider) sending a confession of love in song to Peach (played by Rosanna Pansino @RosannaPansino). Unfortunately for Luigi, Mario (played by “HuskyStarcraft“) is a cock blocking tool. Sometimes, it’s tough being “Player Two”.

Hit the jump and check out the music video!

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Another odd pairing that works. Who knew that the soundtrack for ‘Super Mario Bros.’ would ever be used in an ice skating exhibition. At the recent World Figure Skating Championship that took place in Russia, Russian figure skating duo Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov (damn, those are some cool names…) did a pretty awesome routine to the theme music from Super Mario Bros. What I really loved was the amazing timing between the skating moves to certain sound effects from the game. Tatiana and Maxim must have really impressed the judges because they went home with the silver medal. Now, THAT is pretty awesome! Also, I want to mention that Mario looks pretty hot… err… I mean Tatiana…

Hit the jump and check out Tatiana and Maxim’s Super Mario Bros. routine!

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I seriously do not know who made this, but I find it a bit odd to watch. Maybe it’s the beginning scene in which I find a bit tasteless, but after you move on from it, the rest is pretty hilarious. Maybe its because I got a chance to see President George Dubbya’s stupid face again, but the whole event of hunting down Osama Bin Laden throughout the Bush and Obama administration as a ‘Super Mario Bros,’ parody seems pretty funny. Maybe it’s just seeing Osama Bin Laden get pwned in the face by the Prez is making me like this video. USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! BTW, did someone film this off their TV? When and where did this air?

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So… What if Mario was equipped with a “Portal Gun” in ‘Super Mario Bros.’? Well, I can tell you this much. Shit would just be easy and a bit pointless. Also, it wouldn’t be fair for the Goombas and the game designers that spent half their lives creating the game only to have the mustached bastard skip stages by creating portals everywhere. Well, thanks to Dorkly, we know what it would be like if Mario did have a Portal gun and it ain’t pretty. Trust me and King Koopa, Mario is a dick with a Portal gun.

Hit the jump and check out Dorkly’s “Mario Meets Portal 2”

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