Pedal faster Chewie! FASTER!

It’s Friday and I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend! As the last blog post of the week, I chose Star Wars characters riding bicycles! Yes I know it is pretty random, but thanks for Super Punch, I found these two great illustrations from 20 year old artist Christina who goes by redredundance on Deviant Art. Theres two pieces in the “Star Wars characters riding bicycles” collection by Christina. First (above) is titled “Hyperspace for Two” and the other (after the jump) is called “Use the Force…” (which seems to be a parody of E.T.). Can you see how happy Chewie looks? It is soooo adorable! Thanks to Christina, I’m going to have a great weekend! HURRAH!

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Thank you Gentle Giant! Thank you Star Wars! Thank you for the gift of gracing us with the GREATEST R2-D2 collectible of all time! There I said it! This lovely astrometric droid has all the bells and whistles that we wished we could have had in previous Artoo toys. There has been previous attempts by Kenner and Hasbro at adding the little special features that Artoo possessed, but they never did Artoo justice. Next year, Gentle Giant will drop this bad boy early next year. Measuring at 7 inches tall, Artoo will be produced in cold cast polystone and hand painted? With all this meticulous work, it is obvious that this Artoo will be limited edition. On top of the great craftsmanship, this bitchin’ Artoo comes with periscope scanners, mechanical gripper, Luke Skywalkers lightsaber (from Return of the Jedi). rotary saw, computer hackin’ thingie, and more. All the little accessories are detachable so you can customize Artoo to your liking. BEAUTIFUL! Too bad this Artoo doesn’t move and make noises. That my friends, is the next GREATEST R2-D2 collectible of all time!

Hit the jump to check out more of Gentle Giant’s Artoo!

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This was bound to happen. If you are a fan of the Wii console system, you know how odd the first party motion sensor bar is. The little black strip kind of sits there and pretty much collects dust. It sticks out like a sore thumb on top of your television and its ugly. Thanks to Power A (a division of Bensussen Deutsch & Associates, Inc), you can dress the sensor bar up to look bad ass. With Lucas Art‘s blessings, Power A will be producing a bitchin’ Star Wars themed motion sensor holder that looks like Darth Vader. The sensor bar fits right inside Vader’s signature red lightsaber. The Darth Vader sensor bar holder won’t be made of crummy color injected plastic either. These holders will be sculpted and produced in a light resin. Also, you won’t have to worry about the holder messing with the motion sensor has the design and material won’t hinder the hardware’s performance. As another bonus, the holder won’t cost you an arm and leg. The MSRP is only $39.99. Look out for it at your favorite video game/toy store soon.

Hit the jump to check out the holder up close and the official press release!

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Halloween has already passed and we are mid way through November, but I could not resist posting about this amazing costume designed and fabricated by Scott Holden. This Tauntaun (from Star Wars Episode IV Empire Strikes Back) costume was three years in the making, and it really paid off. Using a pair of custom built stilts as the legs, Scott created this monster Tauntaun out of PVC pipes, chicken wire, silicon, wood, plaster, foam, and a whole lot of different materials. The best part of this costume is definitely the head. The amazing detail he put into the face and the horns is quite impressive. Too bad the costume doesn’t have a slit in the stomach with guts to climb inside for added effect. Regardless, great job Scott!

It the jump to see the pictures and video of this amazing costume!

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“I’ll be unemployed if the Death Star’s destroyed” – Stormtrooper

Following up to the very popular “Star Wars Gangsta Rap” and “Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Special Edition”, Atom has released the “Star Wars Gangsta Rap: Chronicles”. As usual, Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Emperor Palpatine and the Imperial Stormtroopers are spittin’s lyrics just like before, but Chronicles brings new characters with their sick rhymes such as Princess Leia, Lando, and more. Even if your not a fan of Star Wars, you should still watch it to see Michael Jackson “moonwalk” into a Rancor’s pit. HILARIOUS! Atom’s Star Wars Gangta Rap: Chronicles is also the first finalist in the 2010 Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge. Keep up the great work homies!

Hit the jump to see the epic music video and brace yourself, foo!

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6 November 2009 Eric Kwun | Posted in: Fans Strike Back

I love creative costumes, but I hate pet costumes. In this case, I will have to make an exception. I ran into this little gem on Geekologie. Dog and Star Wars lover, Robert (AKA flippycheese on YouTube) hand crafted a Imperial AT-AT Walker costume for his cute Miniature Pinscher.

I made this for my Mini-Pinscher for Halloween as he has about the same size and profile as an AT-AT. It is made out of picture backing board, hot glue, a sharpie, pillow stuffing, and my skin (I used a real scalpel to cut it out, plus the hot glue took a chunk of skin off as well).

It is quite adorable as Robert’s WOOF-AT-AT is probably the fastest heavy artillery unit in the Imperial Force. Now, only if someone can make some miniture A-Wing Fighter costumes for little hamsters and we can recreate the “Battle of Hoth“. Robert.. you and your dog are bad ass!


5 November 2009 Eric Kwun | Posted in: Eye Candy


What’s hotter than Princess Leia in her slave outfit while sunbathing? How about 2 Princess Leias in slave outfits sunbathing? Behind-the-scene set photos are always great to look at, especially when its old set photos from Star Wars. A new set photo from Star Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi has surfaced of Carrie Fisher (who played Princess Leia) and her stunt double (name unknown) sun bathing in the faux desert sun of Tatooine on what looks to be the deck of Jabba the Hutt’s sail barge. The only thing I have to ask is, where’s Chewbacca with the suntan lotion?

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