I want! Back in 2008, Addict released a collection of ‘Star Wars’ tee designed by the infamous “Mitch“. Three years later (and much anticipation), they are back at it with the “Addict x Star Wars Icon Series 2” collection. Unlike the first series, Icon Series 2 will be themed after ‘Empire Strikes Back’.  Mitch designed three amazing shirts this time. You have your pick between an AT-AT Pilot, Snowtrooper, and the very popular Boba Fett. Each design is available in black or white and just like the first series, it will be limited. Mitch is well know for is hand-drawn vector style and his use to colors. I am particularly a fan of his AT-AT Pilot. The use to gray and tan on the uniform with clean lines to show weathering makes this design quite awesome. It is a shame that there are only three designs available and we may or may not get to see more for another three years. If you are interested in these, you will have to buy them from Addict’s online shop. The problem is the currency is different (each shirt goes for £25.00), and you will most likely have to pay a higher shipping price because they are coming from the United Kingdom. Even with those little problems, the tees are definitely worth the money.

Hit the jump to check out the rest of the collection!

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One of the stars of “Super Bowl Sunday” was Volkswagen’s “Use the Force” commercial starring a little child dressed up as Darth Vader trying to use the “Force” around the house. The commercial was amazing and people have been raving about it for a week now, but while many children wanted to be “Vader Kid” and a lot of us grown-up (including me) hoped to have children like Vader Kid, it was a bit disappointing to have “The Today Show” reveal the child behind the helmet. Yes, it was just a “human interest piece” by NBC and there is no foul for showing the actor, but it seemed to ruin the allure of the commercial. The commercial was whimsical and had great charm and the best part was that Vader Kid could have been anyone. It could have been a “Jack” or it could have been a “Jill”. Unfortunately, thanks to The Today Show, that question was answered and it was very disappointing. Scott Weinberg (of Cinematical) said it best this morning:

VOLKSWAGEN could have used the ambiguity of the Vader kid to close the gender gap. Instead, nope, it was just a little boy.

Scott’s tweet really made me think about what the reveal meant. I can’t blame VW or the Today Show for the reveal, but for female (and male) Star Wars fans, it must have been a little disappointing to find out that it was only a little boy (note: A boy who didn’t know what Star Wars was or who Darth Vader is. He may or may not have looked up Darth Vader’s image online…). I remember showing my wife the commercial as soon as it was released and telling her, “I hope that when we have a daughter one day and she is just like this”. The commercial helped me imagine what it may be like and it put a smile on my face. Unfortunately, now if I go back and watch this commercial again, I can’t imagine “my future daughter” as the one behind the helmet anymore. I only see Max’s little face. With recent issues with bullying and “May The Force Be With Katie” Day, this commercial could have really helped children of any gender feel that they too can be “Darth Vader” and confidently be a Star Wars fan. If I felt that hidden message and connected with the commercial as an adult, I would have to presume that children must have seen and felt that same connection as well. Right? Now, due to the reveal, that connection seems to be directed only to boys and leaves little girls in an awkward spot again. Maybe I am over reacting and making a huge fuss about nothing. Maybe its the booze from Super Bowl Sunday talking… Regardless, I still feel that it was a disservice by “The Today Show” to reveal the child behind the helmet. What do you think?

Also, Matt Lauer… its a freakin’ helmet and not a mask you ass.

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Wow… Car commercials are getting pretty awesome lately. Yesterday, we got a sneak at Chevy’s cross promotion ad with ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ that is suppose to air during Super Bowl XLV. Today, we get a glimpse at a ‘Star Wars’ themed Volkswagen commercial promoting the new 2012 VW Passat (which is a really ugly car…). The commercial follows a little child dressed a Darth Vader attempting to use the “Force” around the house. After failing to do so, he (or she) finally succeeds in front of a Passat in the drive way with the help of Dad’s start up remote. The best part of the commercial has to be the score and Kid-Vader. “Imperial March” is beautifully laid out in the promo spot and the animated acting by the “kid” even with the huge helmet on was brilliant. Especially the part when he starts up the Passat using the “Force”. The acting was 100 times better than found in “The Last Airbender”. Hit the jump to see the commercial and prepare to root for the kid. Its freakin’ awesome.

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Well, that makes everything easy! Ever wonder where you place is in the ‘Star Wars’ universe? No need to worry boys and girls. Just like the “occupational placement” test you took in grade school, you get a chance to do the same for ‘Star Wars’. Thanks for Andy Green (who wrote this flowchart), you get to not only know which faction you will be working for, but your position. Let’s face it. Not all of us can be Jedi Knights and Sith Lords. Ever heard of midichlorians? I ended up with the job of “Sith Apprentice”. It was probably because I’m hungry for more power and I have no problem with bashing Jar Jar stupid head in. Good luck folks cause this flowchart just might determine whether you have a name in the credits or just some random cannon fodder. Hit the jump to take the test!

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This really cracks me up. Comedian, star of 30 Rock, and SNL vet, Tracy Morgan appeared on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’. During the interview, Tracy Morgan goes onto an incredible rant describing scenes from Star Wars to host, Jimmy Fallon. Hilarity ensues.

You remember, when, when, Luke Skywalker… The ice monster, hit’em and he fell off his wap? And, then um, Han Solo was trying to get Leia and she called him a scruffy little nerf herder…

I have no idea what a “wap” is, but I think he is referring to a Wampa. Hit the jump and check out the whole rant!

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Wow. I’m rarely ever speechless when it comes to Star Wars, but this takes the cake. Today, I came upon a tweet from the lovely @ArkhamAsylumDoc regarding “C-3PO suicide“. It kind of sounded stupid, yet my curiosity got the best of me. I hit the link and discovered C3POsuicides features Threepio, our favorite whiny protocol droid from Star Wars in various photos where he pretty much kills himself. C-3PO is featured in different styles of suicide such as hanging and overdose on drugs. It is true that Threepio is well known for his constant complaints and the fact that he is a bit of a coward, but everyone loves C-3PO. Unfortunately, someone hates him enough to create this site. Its a bit sick in my opinion, but I do give credit to the “artist” for his creativity. You can keep up with new updates every Tuesday at Bleh.


A group of unknown students at Minnesota‘s Carleton College decided to PWN their very own Goodsell Observatory by dressing it up to look like a very familiar astrometric droid from Star Wars. The epic pranksters decorated the observatory with pre-fabricated drapes and taped them around the building to look like R2-D2. Just to be on the safe side, no spray paint was used for the prank so there was no serious or permanent damage to the property. Smart! On top of that, the decorations were accompanied by Artoo sound effects as well! No one has officially come forward and claimed the deed, but these prankster may have pulled off one of the greatest Star Wars pranks of all time.

Hit the jump to see the result of this EPIC Star Wars college prank.

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