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Oh, I want these. I want these BAD. Professional comic inker, Jon Bolerjack put together an amazing set of illustrations combining The Avengers and the clonetroopers from Star Wars. I really love the small details on each Avengertrooper like the Captain America shield complete with the Galactic Empire insignia. This set is definitely perfect, but I have to ask. Where’s Black Widow? Maybe it’s too hard to do a “butt pose” wearing trooper armor.

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FINALLY! Thanks to Sideshow Collectibles and the 30th anniversary of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, we finally get a Darth Vader action figure worthy of the Sith Lord!

Sideshow celebrates the 30th anniversary of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi with the new Darth Vader Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure. Recreate every memorable scene with this essential Vader figure, featuring a fully articulated body, faithfully reproduced costume, and detailed helmet, mask, and portrait options. To complete your display, we’ve included an impressive Imperial-themed light up figure stand and a meditation chamber stand for Vader’s helmet and mask.

Sideshow’s Deluxe Darth Vader will set you back about $250 and will be out early 2014. This is truly one amazing collectible and I can’t wait to get my hands on one (or two)!

Where to preorder: Sideshow Collectibles

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Remember that crazy “Star Wars Filibuster” by Patton Oswald on Parks and Recreation? Well, as incredibly epic as that was, it’s even BETTER animated thanks to Issac Moore! I said this before and I’ll say it again. I would still pay to watch Oswald’s vision for Star Wars: Episode VII.

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One of the most chaotic and fun events at Disney’s Hollywood StudiosStar Wars Weekends 2013 is probably Hyperspace HooplaDance-Off with the Star Wars Stars“. As usual, the fans were entertained with Star Wars characters dancing to the popular tunes of yesterday and today ranging from Beastie Boys to “Harlem Shake“. However, unlike previous years, the Dance-Off had a very special guest.

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You can draw inspiration from anything. Even a crazy photoshopped image of Darth Maul playing hockey with a “Frankenstick” on Reddit can inspire someone to produce something crazy. That is the case with AHL’s Grand Rapids Griffins who decided to make this photoshop marvel a reality and put it in the hands of Slovak right winger and decent puck handler, Tomáš Jurčo. Awesomeness ensues (until he breaks it).

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Even between two best friends, the subject of money is usually a very slippery slope. Money can make things complicated and can destroy even the strongest relationships. However, is it different if it was an exchange of  “percentages” and not money between friends? Celebrity Net Worth just released an interesting story about a unique transaction between directors, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

George came back from Star Wars a nervous wreck. He didn’t feel Star Wars came up to the vision he initially had. He felt he had just made this little kids’ movie. He came to Mobile, Alabama where I was shooting Close Encounters on this humongous set, and hung out with me for a couple of days.

He said, ‘Oh my God, your movie is going to be so much more successful than Star Wars. This is gonna be the biggest hit of all time’. He said, ‘You want to trade some points? I’ll give you two and a half per cent of Star Wars if you give me two and a half per cent of Close Encounters.’ I said, ‘Sure, I’ll gamble with that, great.’ Close Encounters made so much money and rescued Columbia from bankruptcy. It was the most money I ever made, but it was a meager success story. Star Wars was a phenomenon and I was the happy beneficiary of a couple of points from that movie which I am still seeing money on today.

It looks like these two friends both laughed on their way to the bank. It’s just going to take Spielberg a little more time with all the Star Wars money in his pockets.