Last post for the week. Just want to wish everyone a happy “Star Wars Day” and “Free Comic Book Day“. If you’re interested in doing something special, check out the links below for clever ideas on how to make your day special!

JustJENN Recipes: “Star Was Recipe Rundown”: Prepare to get fat with Jenn’s Star Wars inspired tasty treats.

Star Wars Blog: “Fully Operational Fandom: How to Party Like an Ewok For May the 4th”: Fun ideas by Amy Ratcliffe

Jennifer Landa: “How to Celebrate Star Wars Day”: Dance your ass off like a Boss Nass.

Geek My Life “10 Meaningful and Money-Saving Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day: Star Wars shenanigans on a budget.

My suggestion is that you force someone that never watched Star Wars to watch it with you. Even if you have to tie them down. May the fourth be with you… unless you’re an Ewok.


Happy Star Wars Day minions! It’s a great day to be a Star Wars fan so go out there and mix it up and party hard. Go watch the ‘Avengers’, jam out to ‘The Beastie Boys’ (I will miss you MCA…), grill some steaks, empty a bottle of scotch, get into a lightsaber fight with a Zabrak or whatever. Just go and enjoy Star Wars Day! As for myself, I’m going to spend the next two days in the woods clubbing Ewoks in the head and selling their hides for some credits at the local general store. Wish me luck and “May the fourth be with you”!

Now hit the jump and watch Stormtroopers dance to shitty music!

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