Square Enix has been famous for their Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Dragon Quest video game franchises. You’ll also notice that over the last five years, SQEX has been making strides to break out of box and create more unique video games. That is the case with Square Enix’s upcoming release, Sleeping Dogs.

Sleeping Dogs is an open world crime drama video game, developed by United Front Games in conjunction with Square Enix London Studios and published by Square Enix (Namco Bandai Games for Australia), to be released on August 14, 2012 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Sleeping Dogs takes place in Hong Kong and focuses on an undercover operation to infiltrate the Triads.

Sleeping Dogs is flying under the radar right now, but to pick up some buzz for the final push before the release, Square Enix teamed up Machinima and Pwnisher to create a cool fight film. Directed by Clinton Jones, this short film has everything you want. Crazy martial arts and incredibly cool stunts. Sure, it’s a bit violent, but when dealing with the Triads, a little blood must be spilled.

Sleeping Dogs drops on August 14, 2012 on PS3, XBox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

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When Square Enix bought IO Interactive, we weren’t really sure what was in store for the ‘Hitman’ franchise. Well, I guess Agent 47 is making his triumphant return to the gaming world in a snazzy new look in ‘Hitman: Absolution’. When Square Enix bought IOI, it seems that the standards has been raised because Hitman: Absolution was created from the ground up utilizing their “Glacier 2” technology. It looks fans of Hitman will get to take advantage of some new additions to the game play in Absolution while still being able to enjoy some signature features that fans came to love in the original games. It looks like Hitman: Absolution is going to be a beautiful merger between old and new.

‘Hitman: Absolution’ will be available on Playstation 3, XBox 360, and PC in 2012. Hit the jump and check out the teaser!

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Every toy company in the world seemed to have given up making decent action figures based on video games. Why? It might have something to do with companies putting their trust into Square Enix Products (the merchandise development division of SQEX) to make toys for them. Square Enix Products has made toys for not only ‘Final Fantasy’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts’, but also ‘Halo’, ‘Assassin’s Creed’, ‘Resident Evil’, and ‘Metal Gear Solid’. Well, SQEX continues its reign by giving attendees at New York Toy Fair 2011 a glimpse into SQEX’s ‘Street Fighter IV’ action figure line. On display was prototype figures of Ryu and Chun-Li. Based on the size, it is most likely a new addition into SQEX’s “Play Arts Kai” action figure line. Most likely these figures will feature many articulation points, stand around 8-10 inches and have an amazing sculpt/paint job. What even better is these figures go for less than 50 bucks. These definitely look amazing and detailed better than what has been already released in the market by other toy manufacturers. We will most likely see these in stores at the end of the year.

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Wow… This is new… Apparently, Square Enix Products (the merchandise division of SQEX) is now making toys for anime and manga as well. It was pretty surprising that SQEX Products was gonna produce toys for other gaming companies like Capcom (Devil May Cry) and SEGA (Bayonetta), but I guess due to the huge success of SQEX’s figures, now Shueisha (the publisher of Jump Comics in Japan) has asked SQEX to make figures based on Tite Kubo’s Bleach manga/anime series. Right out of the gates, we are getting three figures off of Play Arts Kai~ action figure line, we are going to get Rukia Kuchiki (right), 10th division captain Tōshirō Hitsugaya, and Bankai form Ichigo Kurosaki! Holy shit these are going to be SOOOOO GAWD DAMN BAD ASSSSS!!! Many have tried to make Bleach figures in the past including Bandai Megahouse (who made brilliant PVC statues) and also Toynami (whos figures were a bit less articulate). Considering these bad ass shinigami (soul reapers) masters of the blade will be made in Play Art Kai~, we can guarantee three things. They are going to be huge, the articulation is going to be brilliant, and they are going to PWN!

Each of these will go for about $42 and will be available in stores in November! Hit the jump to check out more pix from the collection!

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If you live under a rock and haven’t noticed, Square Enix merchandise division, Square Enix Products is taking no prisoners when it comes to making toys outside the world of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. First, Capcom‘s Devil May Cry, then Sega‘s Bayonetta, and now Konami‘s Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker! Whats really cool about MGS:PW is that fact that this will be the first MGS portable game that will be directed by Hideo Kojima himself. Now, enough about that. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is a prequel so the hero of the game will be none other than Naked Snake (best name EVER!). Later this year, SQEX will be giving Naked Snake the “Play Arts Kai~” treatment which is SQEX’s signature action figure line. As you find with majority of SQEX’s toys, you will be amazing sculpts and even more amazing paint job. Standing at a tall 10 inch (bigger than the average action figure you find at Walmart), Naked Snake comes with an array of weapons, a shield, and a side of bad ass-ness.

GRADE: 9 out of 10 dead Ewoks. A MUST buy!

Hit the jump to check out Square Enix Products’ Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Naked Snake Play Arts Kai~ action figure!

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Oh my, oh my… Oh how I love Japanese female cosplayers. Japan’s cosplay community has an insane ability to produce mind blowing hand made costumes. Japan’s cosplayers really go all out when it comes to wigs, costumes, accessories, weapons, make up, etc. Their uncanny ability to design and produce costumes based on two dimensional anime and CGI video game characters and their relentless attention to details makes cosplayers in Japan the best in the world. I guess it wasn’t a big surprise to come upon these three lovely ladies donning cosplay costumes of Vanille, Hope, and Lighting from Square Enix’s newest release epic, Final Fantasy XIII. Considering I would love to give credit where its due, I just don’t have names for these three gorgeous cosplayers. Regardless, great job ladies. (/drool)

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Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII is about to drop in a couple weeks and SQEX’s merchandise division, Square Enix Products is currently producing a ton of cool FFXIII collectibles such as action figures, die-cast key chains, business card holders, cups, and even an energy drink. The one item that caught my attention is the official Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Eau de Toile perfume. This is SQEXP’s first fragrance that they have ever produced that that honor goes to the pink haired heroine, Lightning of Final Fantasy XIII. This cool fragrance comes in a crystal shard-like bottle with Lightning frosted/etched onto the side. On top of that, you get a cool little charm of Lightning’s symbol. This perfume will be sold in a 50ml bottle and is described to smell like jasmine. Lightning Eau de Toile drops in the first quarter of 2010 and can be found in Square Enix’s online shop (not available yet) for a meer ¥6800 (about $77).

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