I’m a huge fan of artist, Dave Perillo, so when I heard that Acme Archives will be releasing two new illustrations by Perillo, I pretty much lost my mind. Acme will be releasing 12″x24″ silk-screen prints of Perillo’s newest works of art, “Invincible Since 1963” featuring Iron Man and “Amazing Since 1962” featuring Spider-Man. Each of these prints will be limited to 250 pieces and will cost you $50 a piece. These amazing prints will be offered at a random time on Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 so I recommend that you follow Acme Archive’s Twitter for sales info.

Hit the jump and check out Dave’s amazing new prints!

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It’s easy to just put on black spandex and call yourself Venom. It’s not easy to pour liquid latex on your bare ass and taking Venom cosplay to the next level. That is pretty much sums up Adam Jay’s (of Superhero Photography) newest photograph collection titled. “Symbiote”. Enlisting the help of model Freddie Nova, Adam put together an awesome collection of shot featuring Freddie getting exposed to the Symbiote in her bathroom and being transformed into Venom. Considering Freddie allowed someone to pour liquid latex onto her body and let it solidify to become a suit is one helluva feat. Even cooler when Freddie starts pulling on the latex from her body giving the effect of her trying to pull away the Symbiote from bonding with her body. All this makes for some sexy and scary pictures. Why do I feel like this is going to be a “thing” now. Liquid latex sales is going to go through the roof!

Hit the jump and check out the photos:

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Good gawd man. The Internet is really being put to good use ain’t it. I guess it could be worse… Naw, it can’t.

Hit the jump and prepare to break down into tears.

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The dangers of a hurricane is no joke, but for some, the risk is acceptable just to make people laugh. This is the case for an unknown citizen of Hampton, VA. who decided to go kick it at the beach during Hurricane Irene as your friendly neighborhood, Spider-Man! Donning a pretty decent lookin’ costume of good ole’ web-head, this cosplayer spent the day at the beach catching waves while the rest of the city was in mass panic looting stores for jars of peanut butter and canned tuna. Even though his intentions were to make people laugh and help lessen the stress of the hurricane, the mysterious cosplayer did admit that he was “not being that smart today”. Regardless, I applaud for your bravery and stupidity!

Hit the jump and check out Spidey’s interview with local news!

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Finally! A non-Dark Knight Rises fan made movie poster! Digital artist, Jaime Issachar (AKA hyzak) put together two awesome fan-made posters for Marc Webb’s ‘Spider-Man’ movie reboot. Jaime got the design of the new costume down and the posters look incredible. Jaime did 3D modeling and texture mapping using Daz3d Studio, May, zbrush, and photoshop to create these posters. The posters feature a similar style as what we seen from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, but a little bit different (mostly the costume). I especially love Spidey leaping over New York’s cityscape. I’m pretty sure that the direction of the actual posters for Marc Webb’s Spider-Man will differ from Raimi’s, but I do dig these quite a bit. At least these designs do not have a problem with an over-sized cod piece.

The untitled Spider-Man reboot opens on July 3rd, 2012. Hit the jump to check out the posters!

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Wow. What a sick beast. Sideshow Collectibles released a sneak peak into an awesome Venom life-size scale bust that will be going online for sale (actually more like preorders) starting this Thursday (2/10/2011). This is a much better follow up to Sideshow’s previously released Carnage life-size bust. Just from the looks of it, its going to sit at over two feet and easily weigh over 30 lbs. The best part of this bust has to be the tongue. Unlike a lot of Venom statues that are on the market that failed at recreating Venom’s signature tongue, Sideshow’s is spiny and creepy as hell. Just like Venom. The Venom life-size scale bust will definitely be limited and will released in the fall. Expect to turn over $599.99 for this beaut.

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Ahhh… This is one of the reasons I HATE set photos. Especially when they are not officially released by the studio and taken by some douche with a camera. What we have here is a set photo from a yet to be titled ‘Spider-Man’ movie starting Andrew Garfield and directed by Marc Webb. This photo went viral is a couple hours and I feel bad for the guy behind the mask (I doubt its Garfield). It looks like it suppose to be a scene where Spidey jumps onto a no-name baddie’s shoulder and do a flip, but of all the photos that photographer took, he or she choose the ones where it looks like they are getting it on. Pretty stupid in my opinion. However, I can’t blame the photographer for what was going on with Spidey’s costume around the crotch. What the hell is up with the enormous cod piece?! That just looks terrible. Well, as much as I hate them, I am pretty sure there will be more “Latest Spider-Man Movie Set Photos” next week. Bleh.

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