I have to admit that I had to do some real soul searching before I decided to post this up. I couldn’t determine whether going to hell for this post was worth it or not. Oh well.. fuck it. It’s stupid and people should know about it. Pipedream, a manufacturer of adult toys decided that creating a sex doll of Miley Cyrus. Miley has been peddling the whole, “I’m an innocent country girl” while living the life of “I want to party and become a sex symbol” for a while now and I guess someone took notice. Either way, regardless whether my claims are true or not, it looks like Pipedream wants to capitalize on it. So there you have it world. Now you have a Miley Cyrus sex doll for you to enjoy, but don’t enjoy it too much ya pervs.

Where to buy: Spencer’s Gifts (It’s sold out… go figure…)

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