Isn’t it nice when you wake up in the morning, only to find that the newest daily offering from TeeFury is a really cool ‘Firefly’ shirt? Titled, “Browncoats Forever”, this awesome shirt was designed by freelance graphic designer/illustrator, “WinterArtwork” (@WinterArtwork) out of Barbados. I do love the concept of the “Wild West” merged with the “Browncoats”. Considering how awesome this shirt looks, I can definitely see Captain Mal sporting this tee on his adventures on board the Serenity. This epic tee is only available for 24 hours (April 25th, 2011) at TeeFury and if you miss it, you might be able to find it on sale at WinterArtwork’s redbubble page in the near future.

Where to buy: TeeFury

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I have to tip my hat to Chris Doyle for going above and beyond by creating a very cool Lego model of the Serenity from Joss Whedon’s short-lived, but popular sci-fi series, ‘Firefly’. Instead of most Lego customizers who just build a close replica, Chris decided to take the extra step and incorporate some light-up features into the ship. With a hand full of battery powered Lego brick lights, Chris incorporated these lights into the cockpit, various common rooms such as the kitchen, and in the back around the engine near the “Firefly Drive”. I do love the color variation of the different lights as Chris used colored gels and clear bricks to give each light it’s own personality. This impressive Lego Serenity features a total of twenty different lights which makes this vessels quite unique and special.

Hit the jump for more pictures of Chris Doyle’s Lego Serenity!

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There is nothing like an authoritarian government and law-enforcement organization to make you get clean. Geek soap-maker, Kylee Lane (@kyleelane) of Luxury Lane Soap (who was genius behind the “Han Solo in Carbonite” soap bar) recently revealed her newest creation, the ‘Firefly’ Alliance Soap.  Finally, a soap perfect for ‘Firefly’, Nathan Fillion, and Joss Whedon fans! Weighing in at around six ounces each, these soap bars are handmade and made of eco and animal safe ingredients. Described as having a fresh strawberry scent, these soap bars only cost $7.95 each. A small price to pay for any die-hard “Browncoat”. I can image fan girls freakin’ out just thinking about Mal lathering himself up with this soap. Pervs… Along with the soap reveal, Kylee was also gracious enough to share with her fans a “behind the scenes” look into how the Alliance soap was made on the Luxury Lane Soap official blog. Now stop reading and go buy one (or ten…)!

Where to buy: Luxury Lane Soap


This is the last post for this week so I figure why not end it on some random eye-candy. Esquire magazine released a glimpse into their March 2011 issue. The magazine will include a nice spread of photos of Summer Glau. You know I wouldn’t waste time putting up random images of half-naked woman unless it was geek related. Any fan of Joss Whedon’s ‘Serenity’, ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ (there wasn’t that many fans), and ‘The Cape’ (there are NO fans of The Cape) know and love Summer Glau. Unfortunately, Summer is having a string of bad luck on getting on a show that doesn’t get canceled, but her time will come. Regardless, whether the series is good or not, one of the best parts of those series is Summer. Even with Summer’s adorable looks can’t save shows from meeting their doom from bad writing. I shall follow where ever she may go.

Hit the jump to check out a few pix from the photoshoot and a “behind the scene” video.

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Mal is back bitch! (well kinda…)

I think my brain just imploded when I found this little picture at ToplessRobot. At first, I did a double-take thinking that I was looking at some old set photo from Serenity/Firefly until I looked into it a bit further. Apparently, caught a glimpse of Nathan Fillion (who plays Richard Castle) donning a familiar “brown coat” while shooting an upcoming Halloween episode of Castle. Looks like Richard Castle will be dressing up as a Browncoat this Halloween. Considering that I have been a fan of Nathan Fillion ever since I saw him play Malcolm Reynolds on Serenity (I even loved Slither and Drive), I have been a great fan of Castle as well. To know that I can get the best of both worlds (Serenity and Castle) in one, make me appreciate Nathan Fillion that much more. Mr. Fillion, you are one bad ass mofo. Ms. Katic, I’m in love with you (I had to add that there. I couldn’t resist).

Castle airs on Mondays 10/9 central on ABC. You can follow Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic on Twitter.

Source: toplessrobot via castletv