The web is buzzin’ with rumors about the possibility that Megan Fox is being tapped (lmao) to play the lead in the reboot of Robert E. Howard’s character, Red Sonja. We have heard over the last three+ years about the reboot with Rose McGowan as the lead and more news regarding delays due to casting, script, financial problems, yadda, yadda, yadda. With the recent news that Rose McGowan has been cast as a so-called witch in the reboot for Conan, it leaves us scratching our head and asking the question, “What about Red Sonja?”.

Entertainment/movie sites are already spreading the unconfirmed rumor that Megan Fox has been offered to play the red-haired vixen. Nothing is confirmed as neither parties have confirmed or denied this rumor, but you have to think that there must be some truth behind it. Regardless, the world is split when it comes to the topic of Megan Fox. Many adore her for her stunning looks, while many despise her for her lackluster acting and many other things (the list goes on and on and on…). Regardless, it is true that Megan Fox has the looks to pull off a sexy Red Sonja, but even I have concerns whether she can carry the lead in a movie. Whether you like her or hate her, you have to admit that if you are looking for a good looking gal that easy on the eyes in skin-tight clothing and looks great in a slow-motion running sequence (like in Bayformers), than Megan Fox is your girl. Unfortunately, she has a long ways to go to be able to carry the lead in any movie regardless of what genre it is (unless it was pr0n). In my opinion, Rose McGowan is not that much better as an actress than Megan Fox, but at least Megan Fox is easier on the eyes. I’m just sayin’…

credit: Red Sonja art by J.Scott Campbell (Gen13, Dangergirl, Spider-man)