I seriously get annoyed by cosplayers at conventions that carry weapons that are made of cardboard, wrapped in aluminum foil. Its pretty sad considering their costumes are pretty decent, but their weapons looks like a kindergarten student made it. If you can’t make it, ask some else to. However, it won’t be free. Aaron of Fiberglass Blades started fabricating replica weapons and armor since 2005. He took on this hobby for fun and he has produced some of the best video game and anime themed weapon replicas I have ever seen.

Using a process of sculpting foam and steel, and applying fiberglass and finishes, Aaron is a perfectionist. He goes through many processes of sanding and shaping to get the replicas just right. He has fabricated replicas for video game titles such as Legend of Zelda (Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time), Ronin Warriors (AKA Yoroiden Samurai Troopers), Soul Calibur, and Magic Knight Rayearth. Whats great is that fact that he doesn’t keep his great designs and skills to himself. You can commission Aaron for his services. Unfortunately, he only makes a few pieces per year. Regardless, Aaron does a great service for the cosplay community by ridding the world of more cardboard weapons crapped in electrical tape. HURRAH!

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iGeektrooper.com was invited by NecessaryCool to contribute to the “NC Indy Takeover” and I figure why not write about what I know best which is bitchin’ collectibles and goods!

My choice had to be a new replica weapon from the creative minds at United Cutlery. United Cutlery has already produced some beautifully crafted collectible replicas in the past like Storm Shadow and Snake Eye’s katanas from G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra and various swords from Lord of the Rings. This time around, United Cutlery takes a leap from movies into video games. Feast your eyes on Krato’s “Blade of Chaos” from Sony Computer Entertainment’s God of War!

United Cutlery’s replica of the “Blade of Chaos” screams hack and slash as much as the game did. Measuring at over 20 inches long, the sword was produced out of high quality zinc aluminum. All the features on the sword are meticulously designed by master replica supervisor, Kit Rae and UC’s great craftsmen. UC’s attention to detail is phenomenal. On top of the bad ass looking sword, it also comes with a cool themed base and a certificate of authenticity. “Blade of Chaos” will be out during the 4th quarter of 2009 and will go for a meer $224.

Can you imagine whipping that sucker out at the dinner table during Thanksgiving? Just make sure that the turkey is the only thing that meets the business end of Krato’s “Blade of Chaos”.

Where to buy: Entertainment Earth

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