Just when I thought Rebecca Black’s terrible song, “Friday” was wiped from my memories, the team at Teddie Films’ smacks me in the face with a ‘Star Wars’ parody titled “Primeday”. Primeday, of course is one of the days in the week in the Star Wars universe and Teddie Film does a remarkably bad (in a good way) spoof for Black video that went viral. Everything that you expect from “Friday” such as terrible lyrics and ridiculous chorus is all found in “Primeday”. Maybe they did a too good of a job on this parody because I’m starting to get annoyed half way through it.

Hit the jump and check out the music video to “Primeday”

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I really felt bad bad bad bad bad that I might be sending you into the weekend without a gift. Well, thanks to ToplessRobot, I found what I was lookin’ for. Web-celebrity, “Chad Vader” released a cool cool cool cool cool parody of Rebecca Black’s now famous song, “Friday”. I find the video pretty fun fun fun fun fun fun fun considering its always entertaining to see Darth Vader sing about something as random announcing his bike only has only seat or what he wants for breakfast. Considering, I truly dislike the original song (but not the singer), I can’t help but kind of like Vader’s version. My only problem would be that Vader kind of sounds like an auto-tuned Arnold Schwarzenegger more than the actual Sith Lord. I find it pretty nice that I can put this video out on Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday for you to enjoy. Cheers!

Hit the jump and check out Chad Vader’s “Friday”

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