Japanese fans are pretty crazy. I don’t really feature much anime or manga related news on this site, but after seeing this awesomesauce of a sculpture, I couldn’t resist. Standing at two meters tall, this massive sculpture of what I believe to be the Strike Freedom Gundam from ‘Gundam SEED: Destiny’ is made entirely out of cardboard! Freakin’ cardboard I say! From the looks of it, the artist (unknown at the moment) meticulously cut and glued each panel of the Gundam one piece at a time. It’s pretty amazing considering that it looks to be free-standing with some wire support. There’s not much detail regarding who, how, and when it was made, but from what I find out the sucker only cost less than $25 to make. I guess a few bucks, a ton of know-how, and a box of band-aids goes a long way. Also, based on what I see in the picture, there seems to be some articulation in it as well (see pix). Too bad all we (in the United States) can do with cardboard is put a stupid “Free Hugs” sign together or with a little more effort, make the “box from Metal Gear Solid”. Sigh…

I do have one question. Is the Gundam’s fingers made of toilet paper rolls? If it was, someone really got busy if you know what I mean.

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Admit it boys (and girls). At one time in your life, you have fell in love or at least had a small crush on a fictional character from a cartoon or a video game. Maybe it was Count Chocula from your morning cereal box. Who knows? It has happened to all of us. Japan has always been known for their crazed fans and serious obsession of their animated female characters. One guy has taken his love to another level. He fell in love with his virtual girlfriend named Nene Anagasaki in a video game called Love Plus. Love Plus is currently the “big game” for Konami in Japan. It was made for the Nintendo DS hand held system and which was pretty much a game that simulates living with a virtual girlfriend. It looks like moving in with a virtual girlfriend has lead to the next big step in their “relationship”. The otaku (is a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga, and video games) took his virtual girlfriend to Guam and married her in a small chapel in the Pacific Islands. The newlywed couple is planning to have their reception back in Japan to celebrate their marriage. Their reception will be covered by local press and the event will also be broadcast online via NicoNico Douga (a popular Japanese video sharing website like YouTube). I don’t know how long this marriage is going to last, but we can only wish them the best. He better keep that DS recharged or his new wife will completely be turned off. (that was lame…)

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