Hey! Michael Bay continues his “Bay-hoas” assault on our childhood by releasing the first look at the new Optimus Prime from Transformers 4 in vehicle mode!

The completely upgraded, custom-built Optimus Prime from Western Star (a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America).

It looks like Bay decided to go with the same type of truck instead of the cab-over type as the generation one Optimus Prime. I’m not too disappointed in the type of truck versus Bay’s continuous use of a tacky flame paint job on Optimus’ body. Plus, what the fuck is up with those exhaust pipe stacks? For fuck’s sake Bay…



Thank you James Struthers. Thank you for creating such an awesome song for all those boys and girls out there that just want to kick it with Optimus Prime. It must be great right? Sharing an ice cream cone and fishing with your favorite Autobot. Everything is great until Optimus high-fives you in the face and puts you in a body cast only to wake up 10 years later after being in a coma.

Hit the jump and check out James Struther’s music video for ‘You, Me, and Optimus Prime’

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So there is very little that I can really say about this video other that it FREAKIN’ INSANE! What we got here is the original generation one ‘Transformers’ animated to dance and sing to Michael Jackson’s hit song, ‘Thriller’. Simple enough right? Right….? I do have to admit that the animation is pretty solid and smooth, while the CG models are the best you will ever see, it is good enough. I would take these Transformers over any of Michael Bay’s CGI atrocities any day of the week. Whats I noticed when I watched the video for the tenth time is that apparently, Hot Rodimus is the best dancer and singer in the Autobots and when Decepitcon Seekers dance, they become something that is a cross between Energon cubes and a neon light from a strip club. Also, we learn that Shockwave is not much of a dancer or doesn’t give a shit about Thriller cause he just won’t join the fun. What a purple douche… Special thanks to my friend Jerry for showing me this little gem.

Hit the jump and check out this mind-blowing video!

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Can this be the “new” Optimus Prime in ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’? If you saw the trailer for Transformer 3 during the Super Bowl, you would have noticed that Optimus Prime looks a bit different from he did in the previous two films. Optimus really didn’t get an upgrade in the second movie (if you don’t count that crap with Jetfire), so it wouldn’t be surprising to see him in new form for the finale. It is pretty obvious that he form changes a bit more and sports a large flight pack on his back that looks like a dragonfly’s wings. Well, Hasbro gives us a glimpse at a new Optimus Prime action figure due out in stores this year and from what I see, the changes are a bit odd. Of course, what we see in action figure form is not the same as in the movie, but its pretty close.

Transformers Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime Action Figure. With the upcoming ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon’ movie, one of the most iconic characters in the Transformers lore will capture the spotlight as his heroic story becomes the focus of the first-ever 3D Transformers movie. Now, an action figure befitting such an icon will be available with the new Transformers Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime action figure. The figure includes the Autobot leader’s classic trailer that doubles as a weapons arsenal and is an integral part of the figure’s converting play pattern. The Mechtech Ultimate Optimus Prime figure features three mode of conversion – vehicle, robot, and robot with ‘mech suit.’ The trailer, which serves as a weapons depot and command center, also converts into a ‘mech suit’ that Optimus Prime shows off when it’s time to rumble. Featuring lights, launching projectiles, electronic battle sounds and Optimus Prime phrases, this is the must-have item for kids and fans alike.

It looks like Optimus is getting his trailer (finally). Unfortunately, it becomes wings… Regardless, the action in the preview was pretty awesome, so I’m kind of sold. While we are talking about a new Optimus, did anyone see the flying Transformer in the trailer? Everyone is saying its Razorbeak. I’m convinced its Megatron in Dragon-form. Anyone agree?


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13 August 2009 Eric Kwun | Posted in: Eye Candy, This is Epic!


It was raining… the day I saw him…
The grey one had killed his yellow friend…
… he wanted REVENGE.

Thanks to Twitter friend, The @GreatWhiteSnark, for showing me this little gem. This 3 panel ‘Transformers’ art piece was done by digital artist, Andrew Ley (artist location listed as Masnchester, Amsterdam, Canberra). It is quite a stunning piece featuring a grim glimpse of a battle scene between Optimus Prime and Megatron. Unfortunately, Bumblebee has already become a casualty of war by the hands of the leader of the Decepticons. The brilliant color selection and design style by Andrew Ley definitely puts ‘Bayformers’ to shame. It kind of reminds me of the conceptual art for ‘The Iron Giant’.

You can find Andrew Ley’s other work at Concept Art.

Source: ‘The Transformers’ by Andrew Ley (high resolution version here)
Shameless Plug: Check out GreatWhiteSnark’s blog! “Geek Life… with Bite!”