There’s a beautiful girl, a gorgeous Princess Zelda costume, stunning landscapes, and an ocarina. What is there not to love about this video? This epic music video features ocarina musician Lena Leclaire rockin’ out in the middle of a field playing a beautiful medley from the classic video game Legend of Zelda. You can’t help, but smile like a fool when you watch this video. Lena and her ocarina takes you back to the days when your spending hours and hours in front of your television playing Zelda. Just in case you were inspired by Lena to take up the ocarina, you can pick up the same version (dubbed the “Zelda Double) she is using in the video at STL Ocarina. Unfortunately, Lena is not for sale.

Hit the jump and check out Lena in action!

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It’s been about a week since it was officially announced that famed video game magazine, Nintendo Power was shutting down in December. The Internet exploded with two different reactions. First, was those that was surprised that Nintendo Power was still in print and proceeded to act like they knew it was. Second, was sorrow by fans of the magazine that grew up with Nintendo Power. Regardless of the reaction, one thing was the same. We all felt like part of our childhood died with the magazine. I guess instead of feeling bad about the deal, video game fanatic and rapper, Mega Ran (@megaran) decided to put together a tribute rap to Nintendo Power. Even if you’re not a fan of rap or hip hop, the message is something we all share. We love(d) Nintendo Power.

Hit the jump and listen to Mega Ran’s Nintendo Power Rap!

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It’s about time that Mario goes ape-shit on King Koopa. Well done Dorkly. Well done.

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We all have fond memories from our childhood when we played for hours and hours on our Nintendo Game Boy. One of the things I remember most would have to be some of the great music that came from these games such as ‘Tetris’. Well, what about the Game Boy itself? Without the game, can it hold a tune? Well, Sebastian Bender (@GNARL_O_RAMA) AKA MrSeberi seems to be able to. Utlizing every part of the Game Boy, Bender was able to create a pretty cool song mixing various sounds. Bender assures you that all the sounds came off the Game Boy and no effects were used. All I can say that Bender is definitely a creative guy and has way too much time on his hands.

Hit the jump and check out the “Game Boy Music” video!

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A lot of you are probably familiar with “The Amazing Brand0″ who are well known for their witty songs and music video based on old Nintendo video games. Well, they’re back with an epic melody to ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past”. The Amazing Brand0 creates their unique mix of music combining the a little hip-hop with something that oddly sounds like a 80’s power ballad. It must be tough to be Link as he is probably the hardest workin’ elf in video games, especially when he’s not wearing any pants. At least Link is confident in the size of his… sword. The Amazing Brand0 has titled this song as “episode one” so lets hope that they continue on and create more songs about the pants-less adventures of Link.

Hit the jump and check out the video!

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Samus of ‘Metroid’ has to be one of my favorite video game heroines of all time and growing up in Hawaii made me fond of the ukulele as well. So, when I ran into this awesome Samus ukuele by Tom Lay, my brain spun and landed in memory lane.

I sanded down my cheap(very cheap) ukulele, fixed a crack in the wall and give it a shiny new Metroid themed finish.The teeth on the Metroid shows the colour of the exposed wood (finished with a gloss). Didn’t change the tone of the uke.(surprisingly).

I do love the simplicity of the design and the well done incorporation of Samus’ head into the body of the ukulele. There is a lot of cool guitar and ukulele out in the world, but these one of a kind custom works of art can’t help but get you excited like when you were a little kid. Well done, Tom!

Hit the jump and get a closer look at Tom’s Metroid Ukulele!

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I really think that geek crafters, “Cybergen” and his friend “Jocke” really out done themselves. Instead of a plain coffee table that you pick up at IKEA, these two decided to create their own coffee table fashioned to look like the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) controller. The giant controller sits on a chest that doubles as storage space with cool 8bit style classic video game characters like Samus (Metroid) and the White Mage (Final Fantasy series) decorated around the sides. As awesome as this coffee table looks, the best part is that this giant NES controller is almost functional. You can plug it into your NES console and use the controller just like you would the regular sized controller. Now, when can we see a Lazy Boy chair made to look like a Nintendo Power Glove?

Hit the jump and check out more pix of this awesome NES Controller coffee table!

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