Our most favoritest dude in the world, Nathan Fillion, just doing his thing. Killin’ heroes and taking their women.



Looks like Disney is doing everything and anything to plug ‘The Avengers’ in some way shape or form. Even though ABC and Marvel is owned by Disney, it still caught me off guard to see Robert Downey Jr. on at the end of this week’s episode of ‘Castle’. Castle star, Nathan Fillion tries to make an attempt to point out to RDJ the similarities between Richard Castle and Tony Stark. Unfortunately, it was an epic fail. Still, it was fun to watch these two go back and forth. Hollywood! Put these two together in a movie for gawd sake!

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I have to tip my hat to Chris Doyle for going above and beyond by creating a very cool Lego model of the Serenity from Joss Whedon’s short-lived, but popular sci-fi series, ‘Firefly’. Instead of most Lego customizers who just build a close replica, Chris decided to take the extra step and incorporate some light-up features into the ship. With a hand full of battery powered Lego brick lights, Chris incorporated these lights into the cockpit, various common rooms such as the kitchen, and in the back around the engine near the “Firefly Drive”. I do love the color variation of the different lights as Chris used colored gels and clear bricks to give each light it’s own personality. This impressive Lego Serenity features a total of twenty different lights which makes this vessels quite unique and special.

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Mal is back bitch! (well kinda…)

I think my brain just imploded when I found this little picture at ToplessRobot. At first, I did a double-take thinking that I was looking at some old set photo from Serenity/Firefly until I looked into it a bit further. Apparently, caught a glimpse of Nathan Fillion (who plays Richard Castle) donning a familiar “brown coat” while shooting an upcoming Halloween episode of Castle. Looks like Richard Castle will be dressing up as a Browncoat this Halloween. Considering that I have been a fan of Nathan Fillion ever since I saw him play Malcolm Reynolds on Serenity (I even loved Slither and Drive), I have been a great fan of Castle as well. To know that I can get the best of both worlds (Serenity and Castle) in one, make me appreciate Nathan Fillion that much more. Mr. Fillion, you are one bad ass mofo. Ms. Katic, I’m in love with you (I had to add that there. I couldn’t resist).

Castle airs on Mondays 10/9 central on ABC. You can follow Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic on Twitter.

Source: toplessrobot via castletv