If this Taiwan, you be dead.

Taiwan… Why are you so bad ass? In an attempt to promote and celebrate Taiwan’s Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces, Taiwan released a 60 second commercial featuring the country’s various armed forces such as the army, air force, and navy. To make it more interesting and “hip”, the commercial also features a ton of Transformer-like mechas. It is pretty obvious that this is a blatant rip-off of Michael Bay‘s Transformers, but who gives a shit. I am only disappointed that the United States military didn’t think of this first. On a sidenote,  if Taiwan DID have a fighting force of mechas, would they become a global military threat? I think not. If these mechas are anything like the toys or electronics Taiwan produces, most likely they will fall apart and crap out after two or three days. USA! USA! USA! Hit the jump to see this crazy commerical!

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