A few months back after San Diego Comic Con 2010, Marvel Studio and Paramount Picture‘s official trailer for Thor leaked online due to grubby fans and their digital cameras who all decided to upload their shaky and blurry trailer footage obtained during an exclusive screening onto YouTube. Well, after months of work by the studios to take down any existence of thistrailer, it is now available on Yahoo! officially released by the Marvel and Paramount.

Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment present the epic adventure, “Thor,” which spans the Marvel Universe from present day Earth to the realm of Asgard. At the center of the story is the mighty Thor (Chris Hemsworth), a powerful but arrogant warrior whose reckless actions reignite an ancient war. Thor is cast down to Earth by his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) and is forced to live among humans. A beautiful, young scientist, Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), has a profound effect on Thor, as she ultimately becomes his first love. It’s while here on Earth that Thor learns what it takes to be a true hero when the most dangerous villain of his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth.

As you may guess it, it is no different from what was shown at SDCC. Well, the only difference will probably be that the trailer is available in HD and won’t cause motion sickness after viewing. If you still get motion sickness, than you are a sissy and you mind as well stay home when Thor opens in theatres on May 6th 2011. Hit the jump to check out the official movie poster (released yesterday) and the “official trailer” for Thor.

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Yesterday, AICN revealed what may be the conceptual artwork of actor Chris Evans in the Captain America suit for the movie. Many have speculate whether these were legit or not, but even with AICN claiming it is, there is still much to debate about. One thing fans are not debating over is how fucking rad the costume really looks. Staying true to the comics, the conceptual art of Cap sports the patriotic red, white, blue. Unlike, the X-Men movies, the costume designs were not “reimagined” for the big screen. Even after all that hub-bub regarding the legitimacy of the art, Collider dropped the conceptual art of actor Chris Hemsworth in the Thor costume. CRAZY! Comparing the two, it is obvious that the art was done by the same group and there is still no real official word coming from the studios or Marvel whether these are real, but you can only hope.

Iron Man can be a great example of a truly beautiful recreation of a costume from the comics. Adi Granov modern Iron Man artwork has been responsible for what we see in the theatres today. Of course an red and gold Iron Man suit seems a bit more realistic than a red, white and blue tights or a hammer wielding dude in a cape and helmet, but you have to believe that the creative minds behind these movies are going to do their best to make the films right. On the other hand, there was Elektra, Daredevil, Punisher War Zone, etc. etc. etc….. Orz.

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Diesel recently announced the fact that they wanted to feature a much more “manlier” scented cologne. Well, who is a better representation of what a “man” should smell like than Iron Man? In an attempt to break into the comic-fan community and cross promote their “Only the Brave” brand, Diesel will be producing a limited edition Iron Man “Only the Brave” cologne. Diesel’s Only the Brave cologne features a fist shaped bottle, so when Diesel’s announcement of a “major makeover” for the Iron Man cologne turned out to be just a red and gold repaint, I can’t help but feel a cheated and disappointed. No real feature on the bottle screams Iron Man (unless you count the box). No cool designs on the bottom to feature Iron Man’s gauntlet or the flight stabilizer/repulsor blast on the bottle. It’s just plain old red and gold. Oh well… Regardless, even with the lackluster design of the bottle, I am pretty sure Iron Man comic and movie fans will be more than willing to drop $67.50 for a 2.5 ounce bottle. Iron Man “Only the Brave” cologne scent is described (a bit confusing) as “top notes of lemon blossom, mandarin and coriander leaves, a heart of labdanum, black rose and lavender, and a dry down of amber, tolu wood and ebony wood”. I just have to say that lemon blossom or coriander doesn’t scream “man” or “Iron Man”. When I think of a smell that relates to Iron Man, I expect smoke, oil, women, and whiskey.

If the Iron Man cologne takes off, expect more cologne from Diesel that ties in with your favorite Marvel characters. On that note, I expect Diesel to somehow design a huge ass hammer into the Thor cologne bottle. Anything less, would be a crime. Diesel’s Iron Man “Only the Brave” cologne is expected to release mid-April and will be available major department stores and Diesel’s online store.



New suit. New enemies. Same attitude.

Why not start 2010 with a bang! Empire Magazine has released their January 2010 cover which will feature the hot rod red and gold Avenger, Iron Man from the upcoming Iron Man 2 movie starring Robert Downey Jr. Proclaiming that Iron Man will be the king of 2010, the cover features what may be the Mark IV Iron Man suit that will debut in the beginning of the movie. There is already speculation that the movie will feature three new suits which will go up to Mark VI. Majority of the information regarding the designs of the new suits along with War Machine is lock up tight by Paramount and Marvel Studios, however it is safe to say that once Iron Man 2 drops on May 7th, 2010, we are in for a treat. The Iron Man 2 issue will feature an inside scoop from the set and also behind the scene photos of Tony Stark and the rest of the cast.



No powers? No problem…

Here I am after watching the new teaser trailer for Kick-Ass for the 1oth time. I have to say… I. AM. FREAKIN’. EXCITED! The long awaited teaser was dropped yesterday. If you aren’t aware of what Kick-Ass is, Kick-Ass is a upcoming satiric superhero movie based on comic book written by the infamous Mark Millar and illustrated by John Romita Jr. (also infamous). The comic is still ongoing and published by Marvel. The story follows a New York High School student named Dave Lizewski who is a comic book fan that aspires to be a real superhero. Unlike most comic book fans, he is more than a dreamer. He takes action and becomes a masked vigilante/super hero named “Kick Ass”. Armed with nothing but what god gave him. Absolutely nothing. He has no superpowers or special abilities. His only power is that is just like ever other teenager. Kick Ass’ brave, bold, and ludicrous antics brings upon copycats.

The teaser is quite cool. The trailer does a pretty great job of setting up the premise of the movie along with a roll-call of the bitchin’ characters of the film. The trailer doesn’t give much away and just gives us a small taste of all the “kick ass” action in stored for us. The trailer style was a bit similar to that of Quentin Tarentino‘s Inglorious Basterds, but all I can say is this 100 second trailer really gets you pumped up for KICK-ASS!

Hit the jump to check out the trailer and the official movie posters!

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16 October 2009 Eric Kwun | Posted in: Eye Candy, Fans Strike Back


Yalta Conference 1945 - Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin pose with leading Allied officers at the Yalta Conference, 1945.

I love photoshop shenanigans and I love it even more when it is done with historical photographs. Considering I’m a huge fan of both comics and history, I really dig it when someone can take those two and put them together. Maybe that is the reason that I flipped out when I saw TOYIB’s recent DeviantArt pieces. Agan Harahap (AKA TOYIB on DA) of Indonesia did a fine job of dropping iconic super heroes and villains such as Batman and Darth Vader into different moments in mankind’s illustrious history of warfare. The focal point of Agan’s newest creations are historical moments during the battle between the Axis and Allies during World War II. These pictures makes me want to jump into a couple rounds on Day of Defeat and smack some Nazi’s around with my trusty M-1 Garand. Move OUT!

Hit the jump to see more of Agan’s cool work!

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2 October 2009 Zeblue | Posted in: Eye Candy


So, I don’t spend much time on Deviant Art. In fact, the only reason I even got on there was because a few people asked me to. I believe my short bio even reads something like “…and I like to assuage all displeasantries from the minds of my anonymous, interweb stalkers.” Or maybe it just says “Here! I finally joined. Now stop bitching! DAHYUM!”

In any case, I’m glad I’ve finally exposed myself to the various mass of pwntastic and laughable awful that exists inside the slightly grunged and emo looking website. I mean, the amount of content existing there is vast and without end. I would, most likely, be able to go on endlessly about the absolute best and worst that I happen to come across there. So, while I am now contemplating an “Awful Artists” series of posts (and it keeps sounding better the more I think about it), I really need to spill the beans on today’s Awesome Artist, Ming Doyle.

Hot, sexy, slightly Asian. These are but a few words to illustrate why you should be a fan of Ming Doyle, but more reasons that don’t include her hotness: great line work, multiple styles, growing in demand, but still available for Twitter small talk. Here’s the part of the article when I copy/paste her bio and just let you judge her work.
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