Marvel is in high gear as there is a little over one month left before ‘Thor’ hits the big screen. This will be Marvel’s next big epic and only time will tell whether they have a blockbuster on their hands like ‘Iron Man’ or a hot mess like ‘Elektra’. However, it must be pleasing to Marvel to hear all the positive feedback from sites like /film and Collider after they got a small viewing during CinemaCon. After hearing about how awesome the movie, I can’t wait. I wasn’t a believer when Thor was announced, but now I am. With Marvel’s final push, we get two new Thor television spots that feature couple new scenes that we didn’t see in the theatrical trailer. The only thing I really didn’t like was the trailer narrator. That shit was pretty corny and lame.

Hit the jump and check out both Thor TV spots!

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Matthew Vaughn has been quoted that ‘X-Men: First Class’ will be the ‘Batman Begins’ of the X-Men universe. When comparisons like that is made, we expect excellence. Well, we didn’t get that yesterday at the ‘X-Men: First Class’ Facebook page. What we got were probably the two ugliest fucking posters of ALL TIME. All it was, is a black silhouette of “Future” Professor X and Magneto with a large face of the “First Class” version of themselves floating at their crotch. I have to ask. What dumb bastard at the studio made these and why do they still have a job when there are tons of artists that can do better sitting on a toilet that can’t find a paying job? For example, “Duckala” created two awesome fan-made ‘X-Men: First Class’ posters that blew my mind. It was simple, but beautifully done. It serves as a great tribute to classic poster art from movies like ‘Vertigo’. Fox needs to get their shit together and scrap these. It’s not like a lot of work went into them.

Hit the jump to check out the “official” and “fan made” posters. You decide which it better.

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A bit of ingenuity, a little of elbow grease, and a lot of know-how can fuel a lot of anger. This is the case with this guy who decided to create some “Wolverine Claws”. Three sharp blades are loaded on springs and a track to slide out just like the furball’s. I found it pretty awesome until… I saw the video of the creator sporting the claws jumping around the house beating on a cardboard box. I can see where you’re are getting at, but I pretty sure there are more impressive ways to demonstrate the claws without jumping two feet off a bar stool onto a cardboard box. I wouldn’t even need the claws to do that. All I need are my bare fists and my manly powers to punch a hole in a box. Great idea, great execution, crappy video.

Hit the jump to check out this DIY Wolverine claw video

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These are so ridiculous, it cracks me up. Thanks to @Babs_SaraLima for leading me to these hilarious illustrations. Created by Caldwell Tanner (with credits to Michael Christatos and Caroline Martin) for College Humor, these illustrations show what it may be like if superheroes were also “hipsters”. Out of the whole collection, my favorite has to be the Hipster Hulk. Who else can get angry and turn huge and green while sporting that stupid “emo hair cut”. LMAO!

Hit the jump to check out more “Hipster Superheroes”.

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The Ladybug Merc with a Mouth…

HA! This is pretty funny considering how simple the design and concept is. I guess sometimes less is more. Titled, “Ladypool”, graphic designer Daniel Sotomayor aka D4N13L (@D4N150T0) did a clever job of putting together this pretty funny design of Deadpool’s signature mask on a lady bug’s back. You can pick up this tee right now at redbubble for 24 bucks! Too bad the ladybug is not packin’ a machine gun in it’s little hands… (Nevermind, what do I know?…)


A while back, graphic designer Joe Smith put together a pretty impressive infographic of the ‘X-Men’ universe. Everything from marital status, enemies, and even clones were put together on one simple “follow the line” family tree. Well, Joe’s follow is pretty amazing as well. Following the same idea, Joe applies his family tree design to the ‘Fantastic Four’. I love how the Yancy Street sign (representing the Yancy Street Gang) leads to “The Thing” as a nemesis. I think it is even more funnier that “The Human Torch” finds himself with a slash through his face due to his death in Fantastic Four #587. Knowing Marvel, I’m pretty sure that mark of death is just temporary. Good gawd, Galactus has a huge head in this chart!

Hit the jump to check out Joe’s Fantastic Four Family Tree infographic

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Now I’m pretty excited. After checking out the first trailer for ‘Thor’, I was a bit worried whether the movie is going to be any good. It seemed a bit slow paced (from what I can tell), and compared to the action packed trailers of ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ and ‘X-Men: First Class’, it seemed a bit tame. Well, last night, Marvel released the second official trailer for Thor and it is amazing. We finally get to see the baddies in action like Loki (played by Tom Hiddleston) and the Destroyer. I can’t help, but be awe struck with the crazy God-action going on in this trailer. If it wasn’t for Kat Denning’s showing her face in the trailer, the trailer would have been spectacular. Also, the second Thor trailer did not fail to show Chris Hemsworth without his shirt. Damn him and his impressive pecs!

Hit the jump to check out the trailer!

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