This is sick. This is gruesome. This is absolutely the craziest shit I have ever seen in the world of toy customization. Digital illustrator/sculpture, Jason Freeny (Moist Production) seems to be intrigued by what makes some of our favorite animated character tick. Unlike most of us (including myself) who did everything and anything to tear into a toy to see what was inside only to be disappointed that there was absolutely nothing, Freeny take it even further by designing and sculpting the inner parts of our favorite characters such as SackBoy (LittleBigPlanet), Stewie (Family Guy), Yoshi (Super Mario Bros.), and more. Freeny creates everything from the skeleton to the inner organs and beautifully places them in a cross section of some of our favorite toys. I do have to say that my favorite of Jason’s collection has to the “little green men” from ‘Toy Story’. Maybe this is what they look like after Spike blows them up in his backyard. You might think its cruel to cut up a perfectly good toy, but what I see is a sacrifice made to create something even more beautiful. You can follow Jason’s amazing work on his DeviantArt page and on his Facebook page. It’s awesome.

Hit the jump and check out some of Jason’s AMAZING works of art!

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Etsy community member, mugwump60 of Maggie’s Novelty Knits has these really adorable Star Wars x LittleBigPlanet mash-up plushes features your favorite Star Wars characters as Sackboys! Each of these plushes are around 25 bucks and like all stuff on Etsy, these cuties are made by hand. The best of the group definitely has to be Chewbacca Sack Boy. I doubt a Chewie Sackboy can survive on Kashyyyk, but who cares! These fluffy Sack Boy Wookies are awesome!

LittleBig Planet Sack Boy as Chewbacca from Star Wars!

Made with soft fluffy wool, proper Sackboy zipper and eyes. It even has Chewbacca’s bandolier & pouch just like the character from Star Wars! He is 13 inches tall so lots of Wookey for your money!

A genuine 1 off hand made doll – FOR FANS OF LITTLE BIG PLANET AND STAR WARS

Also, available are Sackgirl Princess Leia, Sackboy Yoda, Sackboy Stormtroopers, and even a… Sackboy Ewok… bleh~
If you are interested in these, hit up Maggie’s Novelty Knit‘s etsy store!

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15 December 2009 Eric Kwun | Posted in: geektube


Yo ho! Yo ho! A Sackboy’s life for me!

If you are a giant fan of pirates and Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet, that you are going to be very happy about a new DLC that will be dropping on December 22nd, 2009. Coming to wreak havoc on Sackboy’s universe will be the Captain Jack Sparrow and gang of Pirates of the Caribbean. The Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit will include a host of new costumes such as Sparrow, Barbosa, and Will Turner. On top of the new costumes goodness will be new PotC themed maps, trophies, and baddies.

Weigh Anchors and hoist the mainsail, we’re setting sail for the Caribbean. Rumours say that the fearsome Davy Jones and his mighty Kraken have come to LittleBigPlanet to wreak havoc and claim some sack folk to serve as Davy’s Crew. Once again, it’s going to fall to Sackboy to locate the only ship on LittleBigPlanet that has any chance of sending him back to the bottom of the sea.

After looking at the new screenshots and artwork for the new DLC, the new Sackboy costumes look incredibly cute and the integration of the Pirates universe to LBP is quite adorable. It almost feels like a LBP version of Monkey Island. My personal favorite has to be the new Will Turner costume. His little ‘stache and goatee makes him look like V from V for Vendetta. Looking at the screenshots makes me thirsty for some rum.

Hit the jump to see more screenshots, and video, and info about the new DLC!

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