In celebration of the release of Iron Man 3 (which is today), the video remix master, Mike Relm put together a mind blowing remix video using the Iron Man trilogy. Sometimes, I really wish I knew how he does it. The guy is a genius.

Hit the jump and prepare to have your face blown off.

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In celebration of the release of Iron Man 3 (which is today), Cinema Blend put together a little super cut of Tony Stark’s best one-liners from Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One. It is hard to deny that these scenes are probably the best parts of all the films.

Hit the jump and enjoy!

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Just in case you are one of those silly people living out in the woods that never watched any of the Iron Man films or The Avengers, The National Post was kind enough to put together a genius animated short that help you get caught up for the premiere of Iron Man 3 in just three minutes.

Hit the jump and get caught up you silly forest troll.

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Just like the guy on the video said, “It’s not fair”. Anthony Le AKA Master Le has been creating amazing Iron Man cosplay armor from scratch for a few years now and he gets better and better. Considering how good his first armors were, he pushes the envelope even further to bring Iron Man from the screen to reality. To celebrate ‘The Avengers’, Anthony put together an Iron Man Mark VI cosplay suit that has motorized flight stabilizers and shoulder weapons. Considering how high Anthony set the bar for the rest of the cosplay world, I doubt anyone will be able to reach it… except Stan Winston Studio of course.

Hit the jump and get a closer look!

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I’m having a difficult time deciding whether I really like this cosplay or not. Created by Ryan Brooks (AKA TheRealTonyStark), Brooks spent over 1200 man-hours to recreate the infamous “Mark V” briefcase armor from ‘Iron Man 2’. The cosplay consists of 384 individual pieces of armor which included over 4000 Lego Technix pieces. Crazy! The cosplay (with the help of friends) folds neatly (kinda…) into a briefcase-like package and folds out so that Brooks can set in and lift the armor over his body. I do admit the suit doesn’t look like a briefcase much when you see it folded up and the suit is a bid odd when Brooks is wearing it (the helmet seems REALLY huge), but I can’t help but be in awe of Brook’s creation. Regardless whether it looks clean or not, you have to applaud his dedication to get this made. You can see more info on how Ryan created his suit at his page.

Hit the jump to check out a video of this briefcase suit in ACTION!

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WOW! After a less than spectacular release of a X-Men 2 Wolverine (movie version) inspired motorcycle suit, Universal Designs Replicas has released a small teaser image of their newest project, the Iron Man Mark V “Suit Case Suit” leather motorcycle suit inspired from Iron Man 2. When I first heard about this project, I was a bit skeptical considering they were planning to replicate a metal suit into leather. Well, considering this is just a teaser image, I think they did a pretty awesome job.

Devised from the latest advances in armor deployment technology, Tony Stark’s Mark V Armor is vastly more portable than his traditional Iron Man hardware… and now Universal Designs is bringing the Mark V to life as an officially licensed, ‘wearable’ form molded leather motorcycle suit.

We’re going to make the impossible… POSSIBLE!

Sure, the details on the motorcycle suit is pale in comparison to the Mark V suit in the movie, but what UDR was able to do to transer the the original conceptual art to a leather motorcycle suit is epic! I really doubt that the arc reactor on the motorcycle suit will glow like in the picture, but it would be pretty genius if it did. Expect UDR’s Mark V motorcycle suit to drop at the end of the year and expect it to cost you an arm and a leg.

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The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (located in Austin, Texas) commissioned two fantastic artists, Tyler Stout and Mike Saputo to create custom movie posters to celebrate the release of Iron Man 2 early next month. Incorporating a pulp-like style illustrations, detailed vectored line art and groovy color scheme, Tyler and Mike designed Iron Man 2 posters that puts the actual theatre posters to shame. Tyler’s IM2 posters will be printed with glow inks which would look pretty damn wicked up black lights. What a trip! These brilliant posters will be on sale at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema and for those you like me that do not live in Austin, you will get a chance to buy them through the artist’s respective sites and also at Mondo Tees. Cheers!

Hit the jump to check out Tyler and Mike’s great Iron Man 2 posters!

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