mmmmm.. I love me some ‘Star Wars’ fan art. Its even better than Star Wars is mashed up with something as beautiful and elegant as “steampunk”. This amazing collection of steampunk Star Wars character illustration was created by UK based conceptual artist/illustrator, Bjorn Hurri. Unlike many artists who just adds some bells and whistles to an existing design, Bjorn really took it to another level by designing the character from scratch. The ability to reimagine these iconic characters and turn them on their heads yet have them still recognizable to the viewer is quite remarkable. Considering almost nothing about Bjorn’s steampunk Boba Fett is similar to that of Boba Fett from the movies, I still would be able recognize the infamous bounty hunter. My favorite of the collection has to be steampunk Princess Leia and Chewbacca. The only one that seems to look similar to the movie version is the Jawa Scavenger. On the other hand, Jawas are pretty steampunk’ed themselves.

Hit the jump and enjoy Bjorn’s Steampunk Star Wars collection.

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What if Kratos invaded all your favorite classic video games? This is the question asked by Hungarian website, IDDQD to their readers. IDDQD held a little art contest to see who can best mash up Kratos with classic video game covers. The result was mind blowing. Games such as ‘Doom’, ‘Angry Birds’, and ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ got the ‘God of War’ twist. There was even a hilarious ‘Where’s Waldo?’ mash up. My favorite has to be the ‘Bayonetta’ x Kratos mash up. To put Bayonetta’s curves onto Krato was a crime. It was terrifying and awesome at the same time. I do believe a lot of these games would have been much more interesting if Kratos and his “Blades of Chaos” was in it. King Koopa is no match for Krato’s rage.

Hit the jump to check out a few of entries and check out IDDQD’s site for more!

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Yes I know. This is a ‘Star Trek’ related post and I’m a ‘Star Wars’ kind of guy. Well, sometimes I have to post news no matter what it’s related to as long as its pretty cool. This is the case with Bernd Schneider’s amazing illustration collection of starship bridges from ‘Star Trek’ and it’s various spin-offs. Featured on his site, Ex Astris Scientia, Bernd recreates starship bridges from the “Enterprise” , “Voyager”, etc. On top of that, he also has detailed pictures of Starfleet shuttles such as the “Delta Flyer”. The detail in these diagrams are pretty amazing and well worth mentioning. Bernd features almost 40 different designs. I am quite interested in anything related to Seven of Nine from ‘Star Trek Voyager’. If you need to ask why, than you really don’t need to know.

Hit the jump to check out a few of Bernd’s amazing illustrations!

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I’m a fan of “fan-art”. Actually, let me rephrase that. I’m a fan of “REALLY REALLY good fan-art”. So it was hard to not share this awesome poster in tribute of “The Terminator” by Tom Whalen. Inspired by a screening of Terminator at a local theatre, Tom created this pretty simple, but elegant poster of the T-800. The best part of the poster is the background. One side, we have the pre-Judgement Day world accompanied by the post-Judgement Day world along with some Hunters in the air. The color scheme is perfect and I would love to have this poster in my home.


Brazilian illustrator/traditional animator, Lucas Lago sketched out some hilarious mash-ups of ‘Star Wars’ characters roughly combined with the world of ‘Batman’. It cracks me up considering all it is are doodles of various Star Wars heroes and baddies with pointing ears. Considering how simple the idea is, it was pretty clever. I’m seriously diggin’ the “Jabbat” and “Bat-Bat”


This is pretty awesome. There is nothing I love more than a good mash-up. Especially, if it is a mash-up for comic book characters and dinosaurs. Artist, David Resto (as known as d.r3sto on Flickr) created several art pieces combining Marvel heroes with prehistoric creatures. The end results includes Iron Brontosaurus, Captain Ameritops, Hulkasaurus Rex and AnkyloTHORus.

My parody set of Superhero Characters as Dinosaurs. I’ll be working up a few of these every week so stay tuned.

I’m also in the process of getting prints together, believe me, I’d love to share these dinos with your walls too, but I’m running into some red tape. Soon enough.


My favorite has to be Gambilophosaurus. Outside of Hulkasaurus Rex, the rest of the characters look pretty harmless. I don’t know if Red Skull would be intimidated by the adorable face of Captain Ameritops. Hit the jump to check out more of David’s Marvel x Dinosaur mash-up artwork!

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What happens if you were facing a challenge to speed paint a Pixar character in a warrior theme? Well, for a trio of friends, it is a challenge that resulted in awesomeness. Carlos Villagra, Chad King, and Jorge Lacera created some epic fan art of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, Wall-E from Wall-E, and Russell from Up!. Considering, 100% of Pixar’s movies and cast of characters is very tame and G rated, it is nice to see some muscle and grit in these classic characters. I could imagine Buzz cutting off some poor sucker’s head during an intergalactic war. It is pretty amazing that these guys were able to create these works of art on a whim and produce such vibrant art. There is no details on how long each piece took, but the result was magical. My favorite has to be the jousting Russell considering many people have said that I look like him. /sigh

Hit the jump to check out their awesome work!

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