ZOMGWTFBBQ!!!! This may be the cutest astrometric droid I have ever seen. Rob Meyers of Rob Meyer Productions created a 1:18 scale R2-D2 that can be controlled by remote control. RMP is a metal fabrication, practical effects, and costuming studio located in Tucson, Arizona. His company designs and produces robotics and special effect machines that you may find at a museum exhibit or movie.

RMP designed this little Artoo and pimped him our with three Solarbostic GM13 page gear motors. Measuring at a teeny weeny 2.36″/6cm tall, this little astro-metic droid is controlled by remote which lets the user move Artoo wheels and his head. Mini Artoo is so adorable. He looks like a mini salt shaker. I’m pretty sure the mini R2-D2 would still make C-3PO his bitch.

Hit the jump to see a video of mini Artoo in action!

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