Damn you Comedy Central! Damn you to hell! EW has reported that our beloved space slapstick comedy, Futurama will not be renewed by Comedy Central for an eighth season. Comedy Central has once saved Futurama from cancellation from Fox, but now it looks the series has met it’s end. Series creator, Matt Groenig (The Simpsons) has commented that he will be shopping the series to other networks, but he would be satisfied if this was the end for the series. Don’t try yet fans. Comedy Central will still air the last half of season seven (13 episodes), so we have a couple months of new Futurama before Comedy Central shoots it out into space. You will be missed Futurama. Your witty comedy is unmatched.

Maybe Futurama can find some life online? Probably not.


Sometimes, when you watch a great animated sitcom like Futurama, you forget that there are incredible voice talents behind our favorite characters. I drink in honor of the men and women behind the cast of Futurama.

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I don’t know whether I should be happy as hell or scared shit-less after checking out artist/sculptor, Ray Lin‘s (@artanisone) mind blowing collection of realistic sculptures based on the popular characters of ‘Futurama’. Ray threw out the signature animated style from the series that we’ve come to love and reimagined the crew of Planet Express with a twist of realism. One of the best pieces from the collection has to be Professor Farnsworth. Maybe it’s the glasses or his facial expressions that makes him seem as looney and insane as he does in the series. I would have to say that Leela kind of scares the crap out of me and Dr. Zoidberg looks like a real bad ass. Ray is continuing his awesome collection of work with Zap Brannigan, Kif Kroker and more which are all works in progress. I am definitely lookin’ forward to seeing those and Bender! Continue the great work Ray!

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Planet Express… Serving the Milky Way & Beyond!

Recently, DeviantArt-ist belldandies release a modern-retro-ish style advertisement poster for Planet Express to celebrate the return of Futurama. Utlizing his signture vector-style graphics with simple (but deep) color schemes, belldandies proves that even the most simple designs can be brilliant!

Check out belldandies‘ work on DA!

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Designer brand and urban vinyl toy producer extraoidinare, Kidrobot hooked up with the masterminds behind Futurama (Matt Groening and David X. Cohen) to design and produce a limited edition series of miniatures based on the characters from Futurama. These little figures are about 3 inches tall and are designed as a super deformed version of the characters. Unfortunately, like many Kidrobot miniatures, these adorable Futurama figures will be sold in blind boxes (blind boxes mean that you won’t know which one you will be getting). Heres a little description from Kidrobot regarding the Futurama figurines.

~ We’ve teamed up with Matt Groening and David X. Cohen for the second time to bring your favorite Planet Express employees to vinyl.
From the cryogenically frozen Fry to the ancient Dr. Zoidberg, 12 iconic characters, including 2 chases are coming at you blind boxed in the very near future. Each figure in this series comes with a sticker and some include accessories too!Time warp to the 31st century with cast of Futurama!

Some of the characters in the set will be Fry, Leela, Bender (HELL YES!), Dr. Zoidberg, Mom, Zack Brannigan, and more. Each of these blind boxes will cost you a little under 9 bucks. Hit the jump to see the rest of the figures and info where to buy them.

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Announced by Variety over the weekend, the five main voice actors of the animated series Futurama closed deals for new episodes with 20th Century Fox Television. After weeks of posturing by the studio, it was previously announced that a whole new voice cast would be used due to salary dispute much to the chagrin of die-hard fans. Creators on-hand at Comic Con shed little light to the situation only indicating that they hoped the original cast resolve everything with the studio and return to the show. Actors Katey Sagal, Maurice LaMarche, Tress MacNeille, John DiMaggio and Billy West all agreed to reprise their roles for the show. New episodes will air on Comedy Central beginning next year.