Things are starting to get very interesting…  It was reported today that Paramount won’t be picking up Megan Fox‘s option for the third installment in Michael Bay’s Transformer trilogy. What that means is that Megan Fox will NOT be in Transformer 3. “Officially and unofficially”, it was announced that Michael Bay wanted to move the story into a different direction and cast a new female love interest opposite, Shia LeBeouf. However, many believe this may be just be the direct result of a strained relations between the director and the starlet as Megan Fox once described Michael Bay as “Hitler”. If you factor in the insane nature of Michael Bay, Megan Fox sealed her fate when she made that comment. Was she out of line? I don’t know… Was it a smart choice to drop Megan Fox? I haven’t the slightest clue. It is true that Transformers and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen really lacks a strong storyline and it clustered with barrage of over-the-top special effects and explosions, but I do feel that I feel a bit cheated considering we did invest ourselves to this relationship between Sam and Mikaela since the first movie and now it doesn’t exist. Go ahead and call me a hopeless romantic, but it was fun to see an awkward and goofy loser like Sam Witwicky that we all can relate to in some shape and form get the “hot girl”. This being the third movie and most likely the last from Michael Bay for Transformers, why not finish the story with the relationship of Sam and Mikaela intact. I guess personal grudges is more important.

I wonder if Shia LeBeouf’s recent criticism about Transformers Revenge of the Fallen will result in the fate as well. It will be very interesting to see how Transformers 3 will develop over the summer and I am pretty sure there will be more announcement to come. Personally, I am very disappointed from this news. I am REALLY going to miss those “out of the blue” slow motion, bouncy-bouncy sequences. /drool

[Update: Megan Fox’s camp has announced that it was Megan’s decision to drop from Transformers 3. I seriously do NOT know what to believe anymore…]