The fine folks at Latino-Review just dropped an exclusive first look at a conceptual trailer for Wonder Woman done by stuntman turned director Jesse V. Johnson! Unlike the failed attempt by NBC and producer, David E. Kelly‘s Wonder Woman, JVJ’s take on the “Amazonian Warrior Princess” isn’t cheesy and over the top. It walks a fine line between glamour and grit. Plus, watching Wonder Woman (played by Nina Bergman) whoopin’ on some Nazis and unloading a MG-42 is mighty sexy. I hope this fan-made trailer gets some attention in Hollywood as JVJ definitely is ready for the big time. I can only hope that CW’s Wonder Woman series, Amazon is just as good. I highly doubt it though…

Hit the jump and check out the trailer!

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Kind of fitting considering all the shit that has been happening this week concerning geek girls and cosplay.

[art by stjepan sejic via 9gag]


God bless Taiwan’s NMA. How else would I follow current events? The local news?! Heck no! Local news cannot produce these Pixar quality animation to bring the news to life. NMA is THE source for ground breaking news around the world and when they break that ground, I’m listening (and watching). Their newest report is based on news out of DC Comics that Clark Kent AKA Superman AKA The Corn Cobbler will be quitting his day job as a reporter at the Daily Planet. Based on the report, he will be getting fat with Wonder Woman smoking a bong and drinking a 10 gallon cup of coffee at Starbucks while wearing a scarf he may have bought at Urban Outfitters. Also, apparently it’s raining iPads somewhere around the world and Superman dropped the curl for a hat (or haircut) that makes him look like a penis. This report is worthy of all the awards out in the world of news making stuff.

Hit the jump and check out NMA’s newest report. Prepare to have your ass blown off.

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I still don’t get the title…. ‘Beware the Batman’? Am I missing something? Maybe an “of” between “beware” and “the”? Regardless of the confusing title, the animation looks pretty promising (based on a 23 second teaser…). I’m not sure how I feel about a CG animated Batman cartoon (I’m not a fan of CG animations for TV), but I would have to say that I’m always excited to see new Batman on the small screen regardless how shitty the title is.

Hit the jump and check out the teaser!

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Even for Bruce Way… I mean Batman… practice makes perfect. Even the Dark Knight needed some experience before kicking ass. I’m pretty sure the early days of Batman was full of epic failures as it is show in ‘Batman: False Start’

Hit the jump and check out the video!

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Kye Sapp is a 7 year old boy that is battling leukemia everyday. One of his biggest wish was to be Batman for a day. Thanks to A Wish With Wings and the Arlington police and fire department, Kye’s dream to wear the cowl and cape came true. On his special day, Kye became the caped crusader and assisted the APD and AFD to stop The Joker during a bank heist and foiled The Riddler’s plot to bomb Arlington City Hall. With the help of Robin, Batgirl, and many loved ones, Kye’s dream came true.

Hit the jump and check out the video! Also, you can check out photos from Kye’s day on APD’s Facebook page

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Sara Jean Underwood is the 2007 Playboy “Playmate of the Year”, a presenter and host on G4’s ‘Attack of the Show’, and now Esquire’s “The Ladies’ Tournament” champion for the “Hottest Woman of 2012”. To celebrate her big win, Sara Jean Underwood was the newest feature in Esquire’s very popular “Me in My Place” photo feature and as usual she is cute as a button and pretty damn hot in Wonder Woman undies. Sure, this isn’t too “geeky”, but I have a soft spot for purdy things, especially Ms. Underwood. Congratulations Sara!

Hit the jump for more pics and you can check out the full feature on Esquire.

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