I’m very torn about what I want to write about the picture above. So instead of going into my usual rant and go wiki on your ass, I’m going to keep it easy to understand by simply quoting ToplessRobot.

These are costumes… based on collector’s figurines… of anime-inspired redesigns… of DC superheroines. That’s fucking insane.

That makes sense right? Right? Couple years ago, DC decided to bring over the wonders of Japanese anime and apply it to the DC Universe. Titled, “Ame-Comi”, the final product developed into a line of action figures. About two figures are released bi-monthly and it’s been a “hit or miss” so far. As you may know, I’m a huge collector of toys, and these have been a miss. Well, maybe I’ll change my mind consider CostumeCraze decided to take these toy designs and make costumes out of them. These costumes are definitely not for little kids. They tried to apply the sexy appeal of the Ame-Comi designs and I think they succeeded. Usually, stripper versions of superhero costumes don’t work out, but as confusing as this all sounds, CostumeCraze pulled it off. The reason I may change my mind regarding “Ame-Comi” is very simple. Boobs.

CostumeCraze is planning to release “Ame-Comi” Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Catwoman by the summer (perfect for convention season!). I hope they make Ame-Comi Joker Girl. Hit the jump to check out CostumeCraze’s Ame-Comi costumes.

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Colorado resident Anthony Le must REALLY love his Iron Man. Considering his feat of making his own bad-ass War Machine costume for the premiere of Iron Man 2 in May is quite impressive. Anthony’s costume is no simple, half-assed cardboard cutout with black sharpie marker colored all over it. This War Machine cosplay is the result of labor intensive work and precision. More impressive is the fact that his War Machine costume was drafted and designed based on a small tidbit that he saw of War Machine during the Iron Man 2 teaser that premiered at San Diego Comic Con this past year. Considering, it is most likely that he had to guess on some of the parts, he did an amazing job. This bad-ass is completely made of high impact urethane material and actually uses about 600+ rivets to give War Machine a little more bite. On top of that, this cosplay features light up repulsor gauntlets and a vibrant arc reactor. This sir, sets the bar pretty high when it comes to fan created armor costumes. The late Stan Winston would be proud. Cheers to you Mr. Le. I want to buy you a Corona.

Hit the jump to check out the epic madness (pictures and specs) by Anthony.

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1 December 2009 Eric Kwun | Posted in: Eye Candy

Black Wedding

Black Wedding

Meet Juha Arvid Helminen. Helminen (AKA Immanuel on Deviant Art) is a Finnish costume designer/photographer that has a unique way of working with horror and beauty. Inspired by the works of artist works of H.R. Giger and the writings of Clive Barker, Juha’s collection of photographs called “The Shadow People” brings upon a definite alluring appeal to the senses while invoking a chill down your spine. The Shadow People seems to dive into the glamorous features of medieval European royalty and the drone-like nature of the Axis empire during World War II. Even with these historic references, Helminen takes these influences and blends them with a hint of horror that you may find in Silent Hill. Beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder as Helminen’s subjects in his photography are faceless and emotionless, yet they bring upon many mixed emotions to the viewer. Helminen’s artistic skills do not end with just the photographs as he is also the designer and crafter of the costumes in the photos as well. Helminen offers his photographs as posters for fans to purchase and uses the money to buy materials for his costumes in his photographs.

Considering how much I am a World War II history buff, these photographs invokes a very surreal emotion of romanticism within me. Look at “The Black Wedding” (above) and tell me if you see a Nazi-like monster with his faceless and equally creepy counterpart or do you see a young couple madly in love? Whatever you may think, I have become a loyal fan of Juha Arvid Helminen.

You can check out Juhna Arvid Helminen’s body of work at his Deviant Art page or on MySpace. Hit the jump to see a small sample of “The Shadow People”.

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6 November 2009 Eric Kwun | Posted in: Fans Strike Back

I love creative costumes, but I hate pet costumes. In this case, I will have to make an exception. I ran into this little gem on Geekologie. Dog and Star Wars lover, Robert (AKA flippycheese on YouTube) hand crafted a Imperial AT-AT Walker costume for his cute Miniature Pinscher.

I made this for my Mini-Pinscher for Halloween as he has about the same size and profile as an AT-AT. It is made out of picture backing board, hot glue, a sharpie, pillow stuffing, and my skin (I used a real scalpel to cut it out, plus the hot glue took a chunk of skin off as well).

It is quite adorable as Robert’s WOOF-AT-AT is probably the fastest heavy artillery unit in the Imperial Force. Now, only if someone can make some miniture A-Wing Fighter costumes for little hamsters and we can recreate the “Battle of Hoth“. Robert.. you and your dog are bad ass!


27 October 2009 Zeblue | Posted in: Eye Candy, Geek Chic

Ever have the feeling that your costumes are lacking? Do you suck at Halloween? Is your stuff just not up to snuff at the various geek and fanboy conferences? It’s time to step it up a notch. To show you how, here are a few must see designs created by Jeff Allen. Please note that his gallery contains hot nakidness and is NSFW. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! (or encouraged).
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Ever wonder what it would be like if the ladies of Marvel ever worked as a stripper exotic dancer? (LMAO!) Look no further as costume designer/manufacturer Disguise (a division of Jakks Pacific), will be releasing a new costume line called “Women of Marvel Collection”. Considering Disguise has been known for more conservative character costumes in the past (including Fantastic Four and Iron Man), they are adding a bit of sex appeal (ya, cause sex sells right?) to attract a bit of an older audience.

Inspired by some of the most well known Marvel super heroes we have created a line of fashion forward costumes for women and girls who have the desire to be fun and playful for Halloween. Who says comic books are only for boys because with great power comes great style. Great to team up with a few of your fellow super heroines to save the world.

The first wave of “Women of Marvel” costumes will include Black Cat, Emma Frost, Spider-Girl (both classic and black versions), and American Dream of A-Next.

“We continually look for ways to broaden the awareness of and maximise the potential of the Marvel universe among all audiences, and the launch of the Women of Marvel collection addresses the growing demand across the female demographic with high quality, fashion forward merchandise featuring the most relevant Marvel brands,” said Paul Gitter, president of consumer products, North America for Marvel.

Steve Stanley, co-president of Disguise, added: “With the Women of Marvel collection, we created more than just a costume, we aimed to deliver a fun and magical experience with fashionable, stylised outfits that make women feel like they can truly save the world.”

All I know is if you’re going to be wearing one of these costumes on Halloween, don’t expect candy. You may be coming home with a bag full of single dollar bills. Hit the jump to see some of these sexy costumes!

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