28 August 2009 Eric Kwun | Posted in: Fans Strike Back, Official & Unofficial


The web is buzzing this week due to a report that Megan Fox (Transformers, Jennifer’s Body) has been cast opposite Christian Bale and Michael Caine in Christopher Nolan’s unnamed third installment (not yet confirmed) in the Batman saga. Gordon Smart’s Bizzare from The Sun (a UK based tabloid) reported this piece of news earlier this week claiming that Megan Fox has been signed on to play Catwoman and Batman fanatics have been up-in-arms regarding this piece of  news. The Sun used outlandish remarks such as, “Megan will need to get into practice with her talcum powder application...” to claim this piece of rumor mill to be true only to have it debunked by entertainment news groups such as Ain’t It Cool News. That being said, Megan Fox’s publicist has mentioned that Megan is a huge fan of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films and is open to such casting.

Since this news came up, many people (especially on Twitter) have been complaining about the possibility of Megan Fox becoming Catwoman. Rather than quoting all these complaints here, I will give you my take and picks of the perfect Catwoman.

Lets face it. The 3rd Batman film will needs a female character to play off of Batman and Bruce Wayne. Rachel Dawes was the anchor that kept Bruce Wayne grounded in the first 2 movies (Katie Holmes in Batman Begins and Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight) and now that she has died (sorry if I spoiled her death to you, but if you haven’t watched Dark Knight yet, you deserved it) there is a void that must be filled in the next movie. Catwoman is a perfect choice as a new character to introduce in Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga. Catwoman has been everything from villain to  love interest since her introduction in 1940 (Batman #1). Of course, this article is not really about why Catwoman should be in the next Batman movie, but which actress would be most suitable to play her.

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