In a recent episode of Parks and Recreation, comedian/actor, Patton Oswald plays a citizen of the City of Pawnee and to stall and block a vote, Oswald drops a eight minute long “Star Wars filibuster” that spans past the Star Wars Universe and into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond. Unrehearsed and completely off-the-top of Oswald’s head, this little gem is a prime example of the genius of Patton Oswald. Prepare to witness what just might be one of the greatest things you will ever watch.

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Oh. HHHEEEEELLLLLLLLLL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The toy gods have been very kind of Clark Gregg. The folks at Hot Toys just released the first look at the long awaited Agent Phil Coulson movie masterpiece action figure from The Avengers! Like most Hot Toys products, the talented sculptors at Hot Toys were able to produce an amazing action figure that looks exactly like the actor. In this case, Hot Toys had the daunting task of containing Agent Coulson’s epicness into a twelve inch action figure. From the looks of it, they succeeded. The Agent Coulson figure is not available yet, but I expect it to go for under $200 and will hit the streets sometime in Spring 2013. It looks like good ole’ Phil will be joining my collection of Marvel collectibles VERY soon.

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Earlier this year (2012), I was given amazing news that my wife was pregnant with our first child. After a couple months, we found out that we were going to have a little boy. Since then, our lives has all been about preparing our lives and home for the arrival of our son. One of the things that I really wanted to do is create a nursery for my son. I didn’t have a nursery when I was born so I wanted to make the effort to create an amazing nursery that my son would love. For a few weeks, I was going over ideas on what type of theme I wanted to design the nursery. Everything from Star Wars, Toy Story, and Adventure Time came up, but I couldn’t decide. That was until I came upon Eisner winning comic artist, Skottie Young‘s amazing variant “Marvel Babies” covers for Marvel Now!. As soon as I saw Skottie Young’s newest work, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. An Avengers themed nursery.

As simple as that might sound, you would be surprised how difficult it is to find Marvel products suitable for a nursery. Majority of the Marvel Comics products you can find out in the market is really made for young children and adults and not meant for infants and toddlers. So, I decided that instead of buying random Marvel goods and throwing them into an empty room hoping they go together, I decided to create some simple Marvel themed decorations and paint a giant mural using Skottie Young’s amazing artwork. After two long months of paint spills, Sharpie fumes, paper cuts, and losing sleep, I finally finished the nursery. It was a blast putting it together and hopefully my son will enjoy it as much as I do. I hope Marvel will take notice and take steps to license their iconic characters to a company that can produce Marvel licensed infant and toddler appropriate products for the next generation of geeks.

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Yeah. We all love The Avengers, but you have to admit the movie did have some plot holes big enough to sink any other movie. Did we just overlook them due to sheer excitement over the Avengers being on the big screen? Sometimes, honesty hurts.

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I think it’s safe to say that there is no illustrator like Skottie Young (@skottieyoung). He style is one of a kind and as been the focus of many imitators. This Eisner Award winning artist have been making his mark in the comic book world with his amazing work in THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ and recently hit the jackpot with a “Marvel Babies” inspired Midtown Comics variant cover for AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #1. I guess even Marvel noticed the fanfare of Skottie Young’s amazing work as they are releasing eight variant “Marvel Babies” cover for their upcoming MARVEL NOW! books. Skottie Young’s pint-size heroes will be found has variant covers for UNCANNY AVENGERS, A PLUS X, ALL-NEW X-MEN, FANTASTIC FOUR, INDESTRUCTIBLE HULK, IRON MAN, THOR: GOD OF THUNDER, and DEADPOOL. All I know is, I will be picking up every one of these variant covers.

Damn, I do love the Loki kitty. Hit the jump and check out Skottie Young’s amazing Marvel Now! variant covers!

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I never got into Sailor Moon. I was too busy with G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K.. However, Sailor Moon is making a come back in 2013 so popularity is at a all time high. So I guess it makes sense that Ann Marcellino (howtocarveroastunicorn) decided to put together a little mash-up for Sailor Moon and Marvel‘s Avengers. Considering a lot of ladies felt that Avengers was amazing, but a bit of a sausage fest, I would think a little femme edition of the Avengers just might be what they wished for. I’m surprised Ann didn’t make a Nick Fury and Tuxedo Mask mash-up. You can pick up this picture as a print at Society6!

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Now this is pretty bad ass! Munny customizer extraordinaire, Lotan Kritchman put together a collection of custom seven inch Marvel Zombies Munnys. Each of these Munny are handmade and one of a kind. Each Marvel Zombie Munny is created using super sculpey clay, acrylic paints, and a whole lot of skill and vision. Each of these Munny is available for you to own ranging from $150 to $250 each at DIY Customs Shop. It looks like Lotan isn’t done with just this set and will be making more Marvel-ous zombie creations.

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