The Ladybug Merc with a Mouth…

HA! This is pretty funny considering how simple the design and concept is. I guess sometimes less is more. Titled, “Ladypool”, graphic designer Daniel Sotomayor aka D4N13L (@D4N150T0) did a clever job of putting together this pretty funny design of Deadpool’s signature mask on a lady bug’s back. You can pick up this tee right now at redbubble for 24 bucks! Too bad the ladybug is not packin’ a machine gun in it’s little hands… (Nevermind, what do I know?…)


Yes… I would like to know. Why so curious? Designer and illustrator, Andy Hunt (@andyhunt) is up for vote at Threadless to have his newest design made into a shirt. His submission titled “Why So Curious?” is a pretty fucking funny mash-up of The Joker from ‘The Dark Knight’ and George the monkey from ‘Curious George’. The design is pretty adorable considering it is Curious George, but just looking into the bastard’s eyes, you can see that there some madness in that little monkey brain of his. You can vote for Andy’s design at the link below.

Why So Curious? - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


I want! Back in 2008, Addict released a collection of ‘Star Wars’ tee designed by the infamous “Mitch“. Three years later (and much anticipation), they are back at it with the “Addict x Star Wars Icon Series 2” collection. Unlike the first series, Icon Series 2 will be themed after ‘Empire Strikes Back’.  Mitch designed three amazing shirts this time. You have your pick between an AT-AT Pilot, Snowtrooper, and the very popular Boba Fett. Each design is available in black or white and just like the first series, it will be limited. Mitch is well know for is hand-drawn vector style and his use to colors. I am particularly a fan of his AT-AT Pilot. The use to gray and tan on the uniform with clean lines to show weathering makes this design quite awesome. It is a shame that there are only three designs available and we may or may not get to see more for another three years. If you are interested in these, you will have to buy them from Addict’s online shop. The problem is the currency is different (each shirt goes for £25.00), and you will most likely have to pay a higher shipping price because they are coming from the United Kingdom. Even with those little problems, the tees are definitely worth the money.

Hit the jump to check out the rest of the collection!

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Yay! A new ‘Doctor Who’ inspired tee! Illustrator, Mike Dimayuga of San Joaquin County, CA (@theothermiked) created this pretty awesome tee inspired the hideous baddies, “The Weeping Angels” from Doctor Who. Titled, “Don’t Blink”, the tee features a weeping angel with a fair warning on the bottom. I especially like the TARDIS included as the letter “i”. The “Don’t Blink” tee will be available at RIPT Apparel only for today (2/8/2011) at $10 each! I already ordered mine! You can check out Mike’s amazing work at his deviant art page!

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Stay on target…. meow….

Hummm… It looks like today is a “tee” kind of day. I ran into this adorable design on DistractedbyStarWars recently and I haven’t been able to shake this design out of my head. Seattle native artist, olechka has been creating brilliant illustration and featuring them on redbubble.  I would have to say that “Nom Star” has to be olechka’s best so far. A kitty playing with a Death Star ball of yarn? I’m sold! I wish this illustration can really happen in real life, but I also don’t want to see the cat blow up when the Death Star yarn ball does. You can get this or any of olechka’s illustrations made into a tee of your choice at redbubble.


Unfortunately, I rarely ever buy any “one day special” tees you find on various sites, but I can’t help but love the “shirt of the day” at woot. Titled, “Pull Up, You Fools!”, this shirt is a pretty funny parody of the infamous attack on the Death Star in ‘Star Wars A New Hope’. Evan Ferstenfeld and Davide Zampedri’s design is really creative with the use of a Death Star shaped cheese ball attracting Rogue mice into its “trap”. I realize that the Rogue fighter pilots are mice, but WHAT THE HELL IS ACKBAR? Snot?

The shirt is on sale today (02/03/2011) for only $10!


Illustrator, WinterArtwork of Bridgetown, Barbados created a really cool logo for a sport teams that the people of Pandora can really get behind and root for! Dubbed, the Pandora Blueskins, Winter drew inspiration for his design by James Cameron’s epic film, Avatar and designed a logo featuring the profile of a fierce lookin’ Nav’i hunter. Whether it is for a high school or for a professional team, the design is quite bad ass! My only concern I suppose is calling the team the “Blueskins” considering all Nav’i are pretty much blue anyways. Kinda ruins the importance of the other team names in the league that may play against the Blueskins. Why not the “Mountain Banshee” or “Thanators”? Personally, I would rather just go with “Leonopteryx” AKA the “Last Shadows”. They would be like the Oakland Raiders of Pandora… but on the other hand, the Raiders blow… /shrug

WinterArtwork’s Pandora Blueskins art is available as a limited edition t-shirt on TeeFury and will only be available for 24 hours. Get to it sucka!

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