“TIME VORTEX IS HERE! Whoaaaaaa! The TARDIS is spinning!”

This is going to be a big weekend. Especially for Whovians because the seventh season of Doctor Who premieres this weekend! It’s been a while since we last saw a performance video by Karen and the Babes. This time, during a visit to Buzzfeed, Karen and the Babes (minus one “Babe”) decided to freestyle the theme song to Doctor Who. It’s is pretty obvious that the chemistry between Karen Gillan (@karengillan2) and Matt Smith is strong even off screen. Considering this will be the last season for the Ponds, it will be devastating for fans of Karen Gillan (like myself) that our special time with Amy Pond and The Doctor is coming to an end. Until Amy says farewell to her time traveling friend, we will be tuning in every week. Damn. My heart is going to break when Karen says goodbye. Sigh…

The seventh season of Doctor Who premieres on September 1st, 2012!

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We have been waiting for this a long time. The trailer for the seventh season of Doctor Who just dropped and I have to say that it looks like this season is going to be wild! The Doctor is even more intense this season and Amy looks to be coming into her own. Rory is pretty much the same. This season is going to be a tear jerker for me as this is the end for the Ponds and we say goodbye to Amy and Rory. Looks like Steven Moffat is going to send the Ponds on their way with a huge bang. God, I’m going to miss Karen Gillan’s smile. I do have a question. Any poop in their pants a little when they saw the little Weeping Angel? Good times.

Season seven of Doctor Who (based on IMDB) is set to premiere August 25th 2012.

Hit the jump and check out the trailer!

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“I bring you to a paradise planet two billion light years from Earth and you want to update Twitter.”

Hilarious. If you checked out last weekend’s newest episode of ‘Doctor Who’, titled “The Girl Who Waited”, you would a kick out of this picture by PTCHEW. I would love to follow Amy Pond on Twitter. That would be pretty bad ass in my opinion. Can you image the tweets coming from her account while she travels with the Doctor? That was make for an entertaining read.



No spoilers.

I hope everyone tuned into the season six premiere of ‘Doctor Who’ because it was a doozy. I remember looking back to when the season five premiere episode, “The Eleventh Hour” aired and was shocked by the upgrades the show has made in the production since the last episode featuring David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor. It seemed like a whole new game as the introduction of the Eleventh Doctor brought in a new feel to the show. I couldn’t have imagined that it can happen again, but it did. “The Impossible Astronaut” took the series to a whole new level and executive producer and lead writer, Steven Moffat almost reinvents the series once again. Maybe it’s was the location. The Utah desert seemed so surreal in the Doctor Who universe that the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River mind as well been in a different universe. Was the difference in the feel of the series so much different because it was set in the United States? Maybe. Doctor Who has been infamous for beautiful backdrops and exotic locations and the series takes full advantage of the natural wonders of Utah. With the visual wonders, the cinematography seemed to have been amped up with luxurious sweeping pan shots and more. Utah made the first twenty minutes of the episode magical.

Enough about Utah. The series starts off with a bang and the first twenty minutes of the series must have been some of the most exciting storytelling ever in Doctor Who. The opening brings up mixed  feelings of highs and lows and you are thrown into a topsy-turvy emotional roller coaster and by the time you get to your first commercial break, you are exhausted. The reunion of the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River brings joy to your hearts like you have just met your long lost friend, but it is interrupted suddenly and sets a new tempo to the episode. The series jumps from the beauty of Utah, to the Oval office during the Nixon administration, to a dark warehouse where Doctor Who almost seems to be paying tribute to ‘The X-Files’. The hunt of “little green men” (AKA “The Silence”) and a mysterious “little girl” who warns of invaders from space sets nerves (for the characters and the audience) high as the pace of the story is quick and leaves the viewer with no time to breath. With the pace of the episode so high, the hour long episode passes by in an instant and leaves you in an shocking cliffhanger that makes you want to pull your hair out.

Steven Moffat has mentioned (or warned) that two things will happen in the series’ first story. “The Impossible Astronaut” (part one) and “Day of the Moon” (part two) will feel like a series finale and that one beloved character will die. I can tell you that Moffat has accomplished both. It will be interesting to see how ‘”Day of the Moon” will conclude what has already happened in “The Impossible Astronaut”. Hopefully, many of our questions will be answered and will end on a high note. “The Impossible Astronaut” has set the bar high for the sixth season. I hope the rest of the season is just as good.

“Day of the Moon”, part two of the Doctor Who season six premiere will air on Saturday, April 30th, 2011.


Most likely, you have never seen the Doctor like this before. To celebrate the release of ‘Doctor Who’ season six premiere episode, “The Impossible Astronaut”, QMx put up for sale an odd print of the Doctor titled, “My Mysterious Doctor”.

Ladies and gentlemen, please don’t avert your eyes! Because if you do, you might miss out on this very special tongue-in-cheek art print that appeared as a canvas painting in Doctor Who, Series 6: “The Impossible Astronaut.”
QMx is thrilled to bring you a faithful re-creation of the painting titled, “My Mysterious Doctor.” It’s an unabashed look at Matt Smith as Doctor Who, clutching a trident, with cherubs circling overhead and a scarlet red drape positioned ever so appropriately.
The unfinished painting was supposedly created by a nobleman’s daughter, Matilda, and appeared onscreen for a few fleeting moments. Our art print is taken directly from the original painting and has been resized to 18″ w x 24″ h on 100-pound satin-finish paper.

I would have to say that I was a bit shocked by this print as soon as I saw it, but after a while, it made sense. As a Time Lord, why couldn’t the Doctor have been featured in art work throughout time. It only makes sense considering many consider him god-like. Either way, the girls must be going crazy for this picture. I would have ask though… Can I get an Amy Pond print as well? “My Mysterious Ginger Companion”? I think that would sell.

Where to buy: QMx



If I was to describe ‘Doctor Who’ as a maddening chess game through time and space as the Doctor battles it’s foes in calculate strategy, I guess it would make sense that Doctor Who gets it own themed chess set. Spotted on Firebox, this Doctor Who chess set features chess pieces that is roughly shaped like the TARDIS with pictures of Doctor Who characters as the various chess pieces. The blue side includes the Eleventh Doctor as the king, Amy Pond as the queen, Rory as the knight, and the TARDIS as the bishop. On the other side we are are the baddies to Doctor Who. Everything from Cybermen and Daleks are positioned to take down the Doctor. I do wish that the pieces were more figural types and not just printed pictures in a clear box, but I can’t complain. It’s better than nothing right? Well, I guess considering I suck in chess. Maybe a Doctor Who themed “Connect Four” game needs to be made. I would rule in that.



Okay kids. The weekend is finally near and that means one things. THE SEASON SIX PREMIERE OF ‘DOCTOR WHO’ IS THIS SATURDAY (April 23)! As the last post of the week and to set the tone for this weekends long awaited event, I decided to put some pep in your step by featuring two pretty awesome videos of Doctor Who related music.

First up, is a pretty awesome “Doctor Who Remix” music video (I call it “Trust Me, I’m the Doctor” by Mike Relm (@mikerelm) AKA relmvision. Relm creates an ultra-cool remix of the Doctor Who theme song with sound bytes captured from various teasers and trailers for Doctor Who season six. I love how the song pushes your emotions and gets you excited for the premiere.

Second, is a little video captured of Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), and Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams) during a Doctor Who promotional trip in New York City earlier this month. Dubbed “Karen and the Babes”, the trio finds themselves breakin’ it down into a song during a break with Matt Smith beat boxing. I’m finding so many more reasons to love Amy Pond, that it hurts.

Well, there you have it. Watch it and relax. The premiere of ‘The Impossible Astronaut” (the first episode of season six) will be on April 23rd, on BBC America at 9/8 Central.

Hit the jump and enjoy the “Doctor Who Remix” and “Karen and the Babes”. Have a great weekend!

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