In an sad attempt to entice a younger generation of readers, Playboy magazine will be featuring the blue-haired Marge Simpson on the cover of their November 2009 issue to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Simpsons (HAS IT BEEN THAT LONG?!).

Playboy said the cover and a three-page picture spread inside was a celebration of the 20th anniversary of the “The Simpsons” and part of a plan to appeal to a younger generation of readers.

Scott Flanders , the recently-hired chief executive of Playboy Enterprises, told the Chicago Sun-Times in an interview that the Marge Simpson cover and centerfold was “somewhat tongue-in-cheek.”

“It had never been done, and we thought it would be kind of hip, cool and unusual,” Flanders told the newspaper. He said the magazine hoped to attract readers in their 20s compared to the average Playboy reader’s age of 35.

As much as I have been a fan of The Simpsons since season one, I don’t believe I can get myself to go and buy such an issue. All I can think of is Moe (Szyslak) spending a lot more “personal” time in the bathroom. Sick.

Source: yahoo news