13 December 2011 Eric Kwun | Posted in: Eye Candy, Fans Strike Back, For F%ck's Sake


My mind has been blown. I don’t words to describe the sheer awesomeness of this. I really don’t.

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Plush never have to be cute. Sometimes, plush can be of something terrible and gruesome such as an parasitoid “Facehugger” from Aliens. Unlike the real deal where they will lunge on your face and drop an embryo down your throat, this Alien Facehugger is soft and cuddly. Perfect to keep you company when your lonely. Even though this Facehugger is only a soft plush, don’t let it fool you. The Facehugger plush has a mighty tight grip as the appendages of this plush features a wire skeleton for bending and posing.  A Mighty fine buy to scare the crap out of your family at the dinner table. The Alien Facehugger plush is available at ThinkGeek for a $29.99 (awwweee shoot. ThinkGeek is sold out… shucks…)