These are soooo bad ass, I don’t know what to do. Sure… I can try to be like Jack Rossi and build myself a pair of ‘Ghostbusters’ Anaglyph 3D Paragoggles, but I’m just not that creative or talented. Great thing for us is that there are people like Jack who can make something as awesome as these paragoggles and at the same time, make us feel less of a man.

I just finished up my Ghostbusters Paragoggles (or Ecto Goggles). According to Ghostbusters lore, The Paragoggles are activated independently of the PKE Meter but can work in conjunction with it. They enable the user to view otherwise-invisible ectoplasmic activity, objects on the ethereal plane, and objects that exhibit paranormal affinity. At times your Paragoggles will reveal Ectoplasmic Residue, reducing the need for PKE Meter readings. I however went a little on the techie side and decided to insert anaglyph 3D red and blue lenses in them. Now the spooks and specters really pop out at ya!

I don’t know about you, but if you are rich enough and have enough time to build yourself a home theatre room, I think you can settle for anything less than these 3D paragoggles. Amazing job Jack!



There’s good news and bad news. First the good news. Lucasfilm is finally going to re-release all of the ‘Star Wars’ movies in 3D for theatrical release. The 3D conversion will be handled by Industrial Light and Magic (who else would it be?). Just like before, Lucasfilm will be investing more money to the Star Wars collection to introduce the movies to a new younger audience who may have never seen Star Wars or only familiar with the animated series ‘Star Wars Clone Wars’. This will help revive the franchise (as if it needed to be revived) and bring forth a new generation of Jedi and Sith fans. Compared to the $10+ million that Lucasfilm invested in the 90’s to remaster the original trilogy, I’m pretty sure its pennies compared to the amount of money made over the years.

Now the bad news. The first movie to be released in 3D will be ‘Episode I: The Phantom Menace’. That means, come February 10th, 2012 (the first release date), you will be able to see Jar Jar and little Ani in 3D. As many of you might vomit over the idea, I would love to see the Pod Racer scenes and Darth Maul fight sequences in 3D. Watching Jar Jar in 3D might be worth it just to see that. Lucasfilm is planning to release one movie every year. So for those of you that are die-hard fans of the original trilogy, we won’t be able to see it until 2015 (Episode IV: A New Hope release year). That is pretty sad, but I think it will be worth the wait.

29 July 2009 Eric Kwun | Posted in: geektube, This is Epic!

In 2005, Disney hired on screenwriters to write the follow up to 1982 sci-fiction thriller, ‘TRON’, named “TRON 2.0”. I remember hearing about this and I had no interest in watching a TRON sequel. I already had fond childhood memories of TRON filled with Light Cycles and crazy special effects that were unique at that time. Considering, how bad sequels and remakes have been in the past, it was terrifying to consider that a cinematic gem such as TRON can be ruined by a less than spectacular sequel.

That WAS before San Diego Comic Con 2009.  Read the rest of this entry »