10 November 2009 Eric Kwun | Posted in: geektube


I remember back in the days when I used study film post production and having to sit through a thousand showings of Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights (1931). The constant viewing of monotone colors and piano driven music was a barrage on my senses. The days of black and white silent films are long gone and movies are now amped up by explosions, sex, and monster special effects. Of course, many of you are happy with the modern films, but have you ever wondered what the state of film would be like if film making techniques and technology didn’t advance past the 1930s? What would modern-age films such as Iron Man, The Dark Knight, Star Trek, etc. be like in silent, black and white format? Apparently, Russia did as they created a pretty humorous parody video of The Wachowski Brother’s infamous film, The Matrix (1999), set in 1905 starring Charlie Chaplin as Neo. Watch out for the goggle wearing Smiths! Hit the jump to see the video. Its pretty funny.

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