“I’m a terrible father…” – Darth Vader

It’s got to be tough to find love when you’re known around the world as a super villain. So it’s surprising to see Cobra Commander and Darth Vader resort to speeding dating to find their true love right? RIGHT?

Sometimes when life has got you down, you just pull yourself up by the bootstraps and get back up. It doesn’t matter if Batman had you locked up for the 100th time; the Rebel Alliance blew up your Death Star; or Spider-Man foiled your plans again, YOU PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE AND MEET SOMEONE! There’s no time for pity parties in Supervillain Speed Dating!

There’s should be a warning that Vader will probably Force Choke you to death before you get to second base with the guy.

Hit the jump and check out the video! There’s also a superheroes speed dating video as well!

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It looks like Josh Trank‘s Fantastic Four reboot is getting some buzz in Hollywood. With the addition of Matthew Vaughn as a producer, there are reports that up and coming actress, Allison Williams is in the lead of a short list of actresses for a major role in Fantastic Four. Currently, Williams is probably most well known for her role in the very popular Girls (I don’t know why…). If Williams is in the running for the lead in Fantastic Four, we can only speculate that it’s for the role of Sue Storm AKA The Invisible Woman. It looks like Tranks is looking for an actress that has both beauty and acting skills unlike Jessica Alba… Yeah, I said it. The Fantastic Four reboot is written by Jeremy Slater (with a little tinkering by Seth Grahame-Smith) and it is described to be more grounded than the earlier films. I’m hoping for the best.

Fantastic Four is set to drop on March 6, 2015.

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Good music is rare these days. Especially with all the crap music on rotation on the radio. So, if it’s going to take Sonya Belousova in a skimpy leather Catwoman costume beautifully playing Danny Elfman‘s iconic Batman theme song on a piano to get you to get some culture in your life, so be it. It looks like Ms. Belousova is doing you and the world a favor.

Hit the jump and check out the video!

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Sideshow Collectibles just dropped a teaser for their newest “Premium Format” statue in the works and it is AMAZING! This time, Sideshow’s incredible team of talented artists and sculptors will be giving the beloved, Harley Quinn her very own “Premium Format” treatment and it is about time! From the looks of it, we’re going to get some interchangeable heads for additional display options. All I can say is… TAKE MY MONEY NOW! We’ll keep you posted when more details come out for this awesome statue.

Hit the jump and get a “production peek” direct from Sideshow.

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It is disappointing that our beloved Star Wars: The Clone Wars is coming to an end, but not before we get to enjoy one more amazing season. USA Today dropped an exclusive clip featuring Jedi General Plo Koon (voiced by James Arnold Taylor) trekking through a sandstorm with Clone Commander Wolffe and the 104th Battalion AKA “The Wolfpack” (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) in search for a lost shuttle. This two minute clips seems to leave more questions for the viewer and we hope they get answered when Clone Wars comes back.

Hit the jump and check out the clip!

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“You shall not pass an unlit joint” – Gandalf the Token Wizard

Just quote that sold me on the country legend replacing Sir Ian McKellen as Gandalf the Grey. Let’s get it done Peter Jackson!

Hit the jump and laugh.

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HOLY SHIIIITTTTT!!! Mondo is well known for commission some of the greatest unknown talents in the world to create some of the finest movie posters out in the market. They continue this fine tradition in their three newest posters for Shane Black‘s Iron Man 3. First up is Phantom City Creative‘s amazing glow-in-the-dark poster for Tony Stark’s “Iron Legion”. This beauty will be limited to 250 pieces and will be offered at $45. The second and the third posters is from the creative mind of Martin Ansin who put together a blockbuster illustration featuring various characters and scenes from the film. The standard version will be limited to 450 pieces at $50 each and the variant version is limited to 200 pieces at $75 a piece. Sadly, all Mondo posters are difficult to get and will take a deal with the devil for you to secure one for yourself. I wish you all the luck. Mondo will start taking orders at a random time on Friday, May 3rd, 2013.

Hit the jump and check them out!

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