Finally! A non-Dark Knight Rises fan made movie poster! Digital artist, Jaime Issachar (AKA hyzak) put together two awesome fan-made posters for Marc Webb’s ‘Spider-Man’ movie reboot. Jaime got the design of the new costume down and the posters look incredible. Jaime did 3D modeling and texture mapping using Daz3d Studio, May, zbrush, and photoshop to create these posters. The posters feature a similar style as what we seen from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, but a little bit different (mostly the costume). I especially love Spidey leaping over New York’s cityscape. I’m pretty sure that the direction of the actual posters for Marc Webb’s Spider-Man will differ from Raimi’s, but I do dig these quite a bit. At least these designs do not have a problem with an over-sized cod piece.

The untitled Spider-Man reboot opens on July 3rd, 2012. Hit the jump to check out the posters!

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Humm… Interesting.  I guess everyone forgot about the proposed CGI animated ‘ThunderCats’ project from a few years back. Flixist revealed what may or may not be test footage from Warner Bros. ThunderCats CGI movie. It looks like it is of a young Lion-O battling it out with baddie, Slithe and from what I see, the animation is pretty cool. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any official press release from Warner Bros. that this footage is the real deal and I am suspecting that this may be fan-made. I would believe that if this footage was legit, Warner Bros. would have made an effort to remove it from YouTube until they officially release the video themselves. However, I don’t know whats going on in Holly-weird’s head sometimes so this is all an assumption. Regardless whether this is real CG test footage or not, the animation is quiet awesome (IF fan-made) and this would make for an epic ThunderCats feature once they get all the little kinks solved like the terrible voice acting.

What do you think? Is this legit or fake? Hit the jump and decide.

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Now we finally get to check out what a “Skytrooper” looks like. Thanks to InsidetheMagic for the scoop from Toy Fair 2011, we get a glimpse into the Skytroopers who were announced to appear in the new ‘Star Tours: The Adventure Continues’ ride at Disney parks. Hasbro announced the release of two park-exclusive figure packs to be available at the Disney parks when the ride opens in May/June.

The “Ambush Pack” will contain Darth Vader on some sort of hovering platform, Boba Fett, and two skytroopers. Given the pack’s name, it’s likely that the new Starspeeder 1000 vehicles, which will transport riding guests through the Star Wars universe, will be “ambushed” at some point by these characters during the ride.

The “Travel Agency Pack” features known characters C-3PO (the ride’s new pilot), AC-38 (Ace), and Aly San San as well as two other characters being revealed for the first time. The first appears to be a luggage porter droid, holding aircraft directional wands, with luggage accessories. The other seems to be a Star Tours variation of a Utai, which has previously been released as an action figure. It’s likely these droids and characters will be seen in the queue and early stages of the attraction, before the above-mentioned ambush occurs.

I was excited about what Skytroopers may be and from the looks of it, I like it. They have a little “scuba” thing going on, but its pretty neat that they come with a standard blaster and alost a long-range blaster rifle. I wish I could get a good look at the jet pack. Maybe it looks a bit like Boba Fett’s? I can’t wait to see them in action!


Awesome! As you may know, The ‘Star Tours’ attraction in all Disney parks is closed for a major upgrade. Well, the opening of ‘Star Tours: The Adventure Continues’ or as we call it “Star Tours II”, is set to open in May this year. Well, Disney Imagineer, Tom Fitzgerald revealed some new info some of the characters that you may come across in the ride. One thing that the old ride lacked was appearances by the iconic characters of ‘Star Wars’. Well, Star Tours II will be nothing like the original. Familiar characters such as C-3PO, R2-D2, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Admiral Ackbar, Yoda, and Stormtroopers will make an appearance in the ride. On top of that, various new character will join the mix such as Droid pilot, AC-38 (aka ACE) and Spokesbot, Aly San San. The character I’m most excited about will have to be the introduction of the Imperial Sky Troopers. mmmm… That has “Rocketeer” all over it.

‘Star Wars: The Adventure Continues’ opens on May 20th at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. Disneyland in California will open the ride in June (WTF!?)


This is the last post for this week so I figure why not end it on some random eye-candy. Esquire magazine released a glimpse into their March 2011 issue. The magazine will include a nice spread of photos of Summer Glau. You know I wouldn’t waste time putting up random images of half-naked woman unless it was geek related. Any fan of Joss Whedon’s ‘Serenity’, ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’ (there wasn’t that many fans), and ‘The Cape’ (there are NO fans of The Cape) know and love Summer Glau. Unfortunately, Summer is having a string of bad luck on getting on a show that doesn’t get canceled, but her time will come. Regardless, whether the series is good or not, one of the best parts of those series is Summer. Even with Summer’s adorable looks can’t save shows from meeting their doom from bad writing. I shall follow where ever she may go.

Hit the jump to check out a few pix from the photoshoot and a “behind the scene” video.

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I seriously can’t stop laughing. Back in December 2010, late night host, Conan O’Brien got a cool tour at Warner Bros. Animation. During his visit, he had the honor of being made into an animated superhero by the very talented Bruce Timm. The end result was a superhero by the name of “The Flaming C“. Whats really awesome is that WB Animation took this silly idea and actually put The Flaming C into an appearance on Cartoon Network’s ‘Young Justice’. Originally, the Flaming C made his debut in January, but it was mostly just dialogue.  Finally, we get to see the Flaming C in action. Aired earlier this week, Conan premiere a new animated clip of the Flaming C tries to save a bus full of children that’s is about to fall of a bridge. During the ordeal, he is met by Super Boy who seems to be a complete amateur compared to the Flaming C. While Super Boy struggles to pull the bus to safety, the Flaming C is able to lift the whole bridge with ONLY ONE HAND (pictured above)! I hope that this running gag continues because I would love to see The Flaming C go toe-to-toe with the “Man of Steel and the “Dark Knight”.

Hit the jump to check out the video of “The Flaming C” in action!

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I want! Back in 2008, Addict released a collection of ‘Star Wars’ tee designed by the infamous “Mitch“. Three years later (and much anticipation), they are back at it with the “Addict x Star Wars Icon Series 2” collection. Unlike the first series, Icon Series 2 will be themed after ‘Empire Strikes Back’.  Mitch designed three amazing shirts this time. You have your pick between an AT-AT Pilot, Snowtrooper, and the very popular Boba Fett. Each design is available in black or white and just like the first series, it will be limited. Mitch is well know for is hand-drawn vector style and his use to colors. I am particularly a fan of his AT-AT Pilot. The use to gray and tan on the uniform with clean lines to show weathering makes this design quite awesome. It is a shame that there are only three designs available and we may or may not get to see more for another three years. If you are interested in these, you will have to buy them from Addict’s online shop. The problem is the currency is different (each shirt goes for £25.00), and you will most likely have to pay a higher shipping price because they are coming from the United Kingdom. Even with those little problems, the tees are definitely worth the money.

Hit the jump to check out the rest of the collection!

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