Asia seriously loves their online gaming. French game informer, recently reported about a new theme park being made in China based on the Blizzard Entertainment’s ‘World of Warcraft’ and ‘Starcraft’. Named, “Joyland”, the theme park will be divided in five parts, each representing a different type of park such as “Terrain of Warcraft and “Universe of Starcraft”. The park is suppose to sit in Wunjin district, China and its more than just conceptual pictures on paper. Local TV new stations have captured footage of the park being built as we speak. Joyland is suggests that Joyland will open in March, but I really doubt they can get all of this done in less than one month. Unless they have every single person in China work on this theme park. I think if they do make the March deadline, I wouldn’t dare visit or ride anything for at least five years after the park’s opening. Just in case stuff gets messy. I figure five years is a good time frame for everything that can go wrong to go wrong. I’m no guinea pig.

Hit the jump to check out some pix of “Joyland”

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This is so epic that I can’t seem to sit still in my chair. LEGO customizer, “Green Helmet” created this wonderful “All Terrain Armored Transport” monster using just LEGOs pieces. You may say that you have seen plenty of LEGO AT-AT in the past, but have you seen one built in scale to a LEGO Stormtrooper before? I don’t think so. Whats really beautiful about this LEGO AT-AT is the inside. Green Helmet’s creativity and cleverness is pretty amazing considering the AT-AT holds a whole battalion of Stormtroopers and even a hanger full of speeder bikes. This AT-AT even has a cock pit that holds a driver, gunners, and Imperial officers. Just for those instances that the AT-AT is to fall victim to an attack, the cockpit also sports some fire extinguishers. Now that is definition of “attention to detail”. This giant measures at 25x22x7 inches and weighs over 8 lbs. when its stuffed with Stormtroopers and speeder bikes. My favorite part of the AT-AT definitely has to be the rivets along the outside armor plates. It adds great detail and texture to the AT-AT. My helmet off to you Green Helmet!

Hit the jump to check out more pictures of Green Helmet’s LEGO AT-AT (The last picture cracks me up!)

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Hello, boys! Michelle Trachtenberg is all grown up!

Yeah, so based on the feedback I got from the post regarding Summer Glau’s Esquire photoshoot, I noticed ya geektroopers (both boys and girls) really like pictures of pretty girls. Go figure right? Well, to cater to the masses and to add some erotic eye candy to igeektrooper, I figure why not just bring you news regarding any new magazine photo shoots that pertains to you favorite gals from geeky tv shows and movies. You would like that wouldn’t you?

Well, up next is Buffy Summer’s little sister, Dawn who was played by Michelle Trachtenberg in Joss Whedon’s ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ television show. Well, since then, Michelle hasn’t really done anything “geeky” other than doing the voice for Valkyrie in ‘The Super Hero Squad Show’. Hopefully, she’ll make a triumphant return to a new show we can really get into. Currently, Michelle is gracing the cover of Maxim magazine this month (March 2011 issue) and by the photos in her spread, it looks like it going to get harder and harder (no pun intended) to see her as the that fourteen year old member of the “Scooby Gang”.

Hit the jump to check out Michelle Trachtenberg’s spread in this month Maxim (in stores now) and a “behind the scenes” video of the photoshoot. Enjoy!

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Okay, so this video was released almost one year ago, but it seems that many people still do not know about “AT-AT Day Afternoon”. Well, considering it seems like an “AT-AT” kind of day, I decided why not post it now (note: I didn’t post this when it first released because I was on my hiatus) for everyone to watch and enjoy. “AT-AT Day Afternoon” is a mix of live action and stop motion animation created by Patrick Boivin. Patrick Boivin was the mastermind behind “Iron Baby” and “Black Widow Gone Wild“. Well, the idea for this video stems from his childhood.

When I was a kid, there are two things I wanted badly and never got… A real dog and a Kenner AT-AT Walker.

Who wouldn’t want an AT-AT as a pet. It would be freakin’ amazing, wouldn’t it? Someone to keep you company on lonely days, while hunting and chasing out Rebel infantry units that invade your home. Imperial All Terrain Armored Transport is man’s best friend? I sure think so.

Hit the jump and enjoy “AT-AT Day Afternoon” by Patrick Boivin and also the “Making of” video

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YAY! Another infographic! For once, I can really get into an infographic. Why you say? Well, maybe because its an infographic is a cross section of the Imperial All-Terrain, Armored Transport, also know as the AT-AT. I remember these bad ass giants when I first watched ‘Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back’ and it brought a tear to my eye when the pesky Rebel Snow Speeders (I made the mistake of thinking they were A-Wings…) started bringing them down with harpoons and tote cables. Well, considering the AT-AT’s menacing, but simple design, you wouldn’t know exactly what goes on inside those giant fortresses. Well, now you know. Everything and anything is listed on this chart. AT-AT were one of the biggest (literally) reasons behind the Empire’s win over the Rebels during the “Battle of Hoth”. Pesky Rebels…

Click here to see the chart in full size for your viewing and learning pleasure ! Who said iGT isn’t educational?



This is so maddening, I don’t know where to start. French DeviantArt-ist, Max Arkes (aka maxarkes) decide to put this studly picture together for a steampunk art challenge on a forum. His entry is this bad ass ‘Lord of the Rings’ Steampunk Witch King of Angmar (the leader of the Nazgûl aka Ringwraiths) illustration. A Steampunk Witch King is definitely more menacing with those intense glowing goggles and steam shooting out everywhere from his body. Must better than some dusty old cloak. I wonder if the Steampunk Witch King would fly on a “Nazgûl-bird” (those unnamed flying dragon-thingies) or a steampunk style glider of death. A glider would be incredible.

[pacalin tumblr]


The Ladybug Merc with a Mouth…

HA! This is pretty funny considering how simple the design and concept is. I guess sometimes less is more. Titled, “Ladypool”, graphic designer Daniel Sotomayor aka D4N13L (@D4N150T0) did a clever job of putting together this pretty funny design of Deadpool’s signature mask on a lady bug’s back. You can pick up this tee right now at redbubble for 24 bucks! Too bad the ladybug is not packin’ a machine gun in it’s little hands… (Nevermind, what do I know?…)