I find this to be one of the most amazing Disney Princess fan art ever. While we are geared to think Disney princesses as the pure and innocent and “the fairest of them all”, Canadian illustrator Chris Hill (known on DeviantArt as chill07) decided to expose the princesses as something evil. Depicting the Disney princesses as a representation of the “7 deadly sins, Chris illustrates each princess beautifully in “art nouveau” style with the sin they each represent. I never thought about the relation between Belle (Beauty and the Beast) as “vanity” or Ariel (The Little Mermaid) as “greed”, but its interesting to think about. Maybe the association of the sins to the princesses is a bit of a stretch, but the end result is seven amazing illustrations that takes your breath away. I wonder if these illustrations are available in prints. I will kill to have them hanging in my house. They are THAT good.

Hit the jump to check out Chris Hill’s amazing “The 7 Deadly Sins as Disney Princesses” collection!

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Some criminals have all the luck. Yesterday, G4 released a comedic short titled ‘Bustice’ starring Playboy 2007 “Playmate of the Year” Sara Jean Underwood (@SaraUnderwood) as “Bustice”, a heroine who isn’t scared to use what she has to bring criminals to justice.

Meet Bustice, a hardworking super heroine who spends all of her days helping out people in need! Thank you, Bustice!

Okay, so I know what you may be thinking. This is a bit crude and perverted. Well, I’m sorry, but after last year’s “Star Wars Charity Car Wash” and “Women of Ninja Warrior”, I have had a mad crush for Ms. Underwood. You can’t help, but love a superhero that “motorboats” the criminal into submission. Considering the fact that once I saw what happened to the first criminal, I figured I’ll would be smart and steal on purpose in front of Bustice. Unfortunately, someone else had the same idea.

BTW: Whoever the actor that played the first criminal, you are one lucky bastard and I hate you.

Hit the jump to check out ‘Bustice’ and some “behind-the-scenes” pix from the shoot.

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Two of my favorite games of all time are ‘Super Mario Bros.’ and ‘Counter Strike’. So when I came across this awesome “Mario First Person Shooter” video by Freddie Wong (@fwong) and Brandon Laatsch (@brandonjla), I can’t help to like it immediately.

What Mario would look like if it was a sweet next-gen first person shooter!
After not touching 3dsMax since the mailboxes in Jedi Assholes, Brandon decided to get his 3d chops back. We’ve been working on this in the background for the last three weeks. Don’t expect full 3d movies on a weekly basis, it took over 60 hours to render this beast out! 3dsMax, FumeFX, and After Effects were used to make this.

I’ve always been much better in first person shooter (FPS) games than side-scrolling video games, I’m pretty sure I would have been able to beat Super Mario Bros. with no problem. FYI: I have not beat Super Mario Bros. or any of the sequels in my life. Pretty fucking sad isn’t it?

Hit the jump and check out “First Person Mario”

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Bonk chicka wa wa! AVN Director of the Year Axel Braun is responsible for some of the geekiest porn parodies ever. He was the man responsible for the Superman and Batman XXX porn parodies. Well, we knew his next project was going to be the long (not pun intended) awaited, ‘Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody’. Well, a couple days ago, Vivid and Braun has finally announced the cast for Star Wars XXX. It took Braun over three days and auditioned 8o actors and actresses to come (no pun intended) to his final pick. Here is the line up:

2011 AVN Best New Starlet nominee Allie Haze as Princess Leia
Michael Vegas as Luke Skywalker
Rocco Reed as Han Solo
2011 AVN Best Actor Tom Byron as Obi-Wan Kenobi
Alec Knight as Chewbacca
and the previously announced Lexington Steele as Darth Vader

The only thing I can take from this announcement is the name, Chewbacca. CHEW-FREAKIN’-BACCA! Can you believe that Axel Braun has confirmed that “Chewy will have sex”. My mind has been blown (no pun intended). I’m not really sure what to think of this. I find porn parodies to be pretty funny considering I’m not much of a fan of regular pornography (I’m not lying… I prefer glamour photos), but I am taken back that my favorite Wookiee is going to get “down and dirty” in this movie. Princess Leia and Han Solo getting it on is one thing, but Chewbacca? Is this considered borderline beastility? I’m not sure whether I want to laugh or cry.  I need to sit down and think about this. Maybe I shouldn’t. I JUST DON’T KNOW! I hope there is no puppet sex with Yoda cause that might be a whole another level of fucked up.

Production on Star Wars XXX will start on April 18, 2011. The 14 day shoot will take place in various locations around California. The movie will be produced by Alex Braun Productions and distributed through Vivid Entertainment. God help us all.



YES! It’s only been two days since 20th Century Fox announced that they signed director, David Slade (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, 30 Days and Nights) and iGT is already following it up with rumors!  Hollywood is buzzing with who might be the next actor to helm to title, “The Man Without Fear”. It was already confirmed that Ben Affleck will not be included in the reboot and it is obvious the franchise will need to put some new blood in the mix if it is to be become a hit. Already circulating around the town are three names.

1. Robert Pattinson (The Twilight Saga): The West Hollywood Resnorter reports that Edward Cullen might be putting on the red cowl. Slade has already worked with the sparkling fella on Eclipse and now that Twilight is winding down, RobPatt is going to need another gig. Why not Daredevil. I don’t know about you, but I’m still not impressed with Pattinson’s acting abilities and if he can’t pull off Matt Murdock, how do you expect him to be the Daredevil. I say hell no!

2. Bradley Cooper (The Hangover, A-Tem): Some random “insider” at Moviefone hints that Cooper is on the top of the list. Well, I say thats pretty good. Cooper is pretty studly (damn his six pack) and I find him very charming on screen. He has done a wide variety of movies from comedy, action, and drama so he’s abilities has been tested. I buy it.

3. Garrett Hedlund (TRON: Legacy): Lost in the Multiplex reports that there are rumors regarding the possibility of Hedlund becoming Matt Murdock. Coming off a blockbuster hit (I’m not counting ‘Country Strong’), Hedlund passed on the chance to be Captain America in ‘The First Avenger’ due to the multi-picture deal (reported at nine), and has shown interest in Daredevil. I’m down because he brought TRON back to me. He’s that precious to me.

So what do you think? Who do you think would be a great Daredevil?  This is all bullshit rumors and we will not know until Slade and Fox announces their picks. Until then, lets just imagine.


I’m not sure what to think about these. I have happy memories about the original ‘Voltron’ Lions from my childhood and I can’t help but feel that these are not it. In the Spring, Nicktoons will be airing a brand new Voltron animated series called, ‘Voltron Force’ which follows a new generation of pilots that will wield the power of the “Voltron Lions” to protect the universe. For the older generation of Voltron fans, the original pilots will also be in the series. There is no word on whether the Lions pictured above are the same from the original series or a brand new modern take on the Lions. I can’t wait to see if there will be a die-cast action figure of the new Voltron. It would go great with my old Voltron toy. Even though I’m excited for the new series, I’m not in love with these new Lions. I always loved the block-like style of the Lions and these seem a bit like sleek and odd. I blame the iPhone.

‘Voltron Force’ airs in Spring 2011 on Nicktoons. Hit the jump to see a closer look at the new Lions.

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Click to Enlarge

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I find this pretty cool and confusing as hell. Chicago resident art director/graphic designer, Billy Ray decided to create a pretty complex, but simplified visual map of all the major events that took place in the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ universe. Titled, “Battlestar Galactica: Space & Time”, this infographic includes evens such as the settlement of the humans on the “Twelve Colonies” and when the colonies were infiltrated by the “skinjobs”.

I created this visual time line of the Battlestar Galactica universe after the season 4, episode 17 “No Exit” data dump resulted in near aneurism for my friends and me. I later updated it to include key points from the “Caprica” pilot movie.

This is pretty interesting and I think I need to go back to the beginning and watch BSG again to see if the infographic is correct or not. I had a hard time getting into ‘Caprica’, so I’m just going to take Billy’s word for it. Click the above image to enlarge for a better look!