A new face has officially joined the star studded cast of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. Earlier this week, rumors surfaced that actress Juno Temple (Kaboom, The Three Musketeers) will be joining TDKR. Well, now its confirmed and the web is rampant with rumors regarding who she will play. Described as “a street smart Gotham-girl”, the first name to pop up was Stephanie Brown. Stephanie Brown has been known in the Batman universe under many alias such as Spoiler, Batgirl (III), and even Robin (IV). This was a bit harder to swallow as it doesn’t seem that Christopher Nolan has any plans in adding a sidekick when hes trying to wrap up his Batman story. One likely role may be Holly Robinson. Introduced in  Batman #404 during Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One story arc, Holly was an ex-prostitute who becomes a loyal ally and sidekick to Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman. Even at one point, Holly is groomed to take up the mantle of Catwoman from Selina Kyle. That would be an interesting pairing with Anne Hathaway on screen. Considering all these speculations, the only common factor is that all three are blonde and that really doesn’t hold up. Until the official news is announced (for both Temple and Joseph Gordon-Levitt), we can only keep ourselves entertained with what ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ can be like. Unfortunately, only Christopher Nolan knows.


I feel like I really dropped the ball when I didn’t know about CollegeHumor’s original web series, ‘Troopers’ until last night. Troopers follows the tale of two “Stormtrooper-like” soldiers and their life on a “Death Star-like” space station in a “Star Wars-like” universe. Get it? Unfortunately, you don’t have to be too bright to work to be a Trooper. The job of holding and interrogating a Princess who is leading the rebellion is left to the same hands that deliver the coffee and pastries in the morning. Troopers almost reminds me of the hilarious back and forth banter that we came to enjoy from ‘Red Vs Blue’ from Rooster Teeth. What makes this series even better is that the loveable and witty Aubrey Plaza (Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, Parks and Recreations) stars in the series as the Princess. So far, there has been four episode released by CollegeHumor titled, “Forcefield”, “Mind Trick”, “Coffee Run”, and “Interrogation”. If you are a die-hard ‘Star Wars’ fan, you will definitely find some enjoyment from this series.

Hit the jump to check out the first four episodes of ‘Troopers’!

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‘Fringe’ fans can breathe a little easier tonight knowing that their favorite show is coming back for season four. The news was announced on Twitter by executive producer J.H. Wyman (@JWFRINGE) who tweeted, Fringe was picked up!!! Thanks Fringedom!”. The fan and critic favorite sci-fi series who has been a ratings loser (last week’s episode scored a series low 3.85 million viewers) of lates and many have been scared whether the series will be cancelled at the end of this season. With so many questions unanswered, it was a dreadful thought to think it wasn’t. I guess it was a nice surprise that Fringe was picked up for a full season of 22 episodes. That is amazing considering even though Fringe was sent out to Friday nights to die, the series is number one among adults 18-49. That is saying something considering most entertainment sites has put the “mark of death” on this series. Thanks to the amazing fans and support from the brass at Fox, Fringe sees to fight another day. HUZZAH!


Like many ‘Star Wars’ fans, we just can’t get the image of Luke getting tucked away neatly inside the stomach of a TaunTaun by Han Solo in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. It looked pretty gross and kind of made you think that you can smell it as well. Well, thanks to Erin AKA CruxisAurion, we kind of get a “unofficial” glimpse into what it may look like inside.

It’s a Tauntaun skeleton!
I used an image of a Tauntaun, that I found online, to get the the proportions correct. Then I began designing the creature’s skeleton based on actual animals, and using educated guesses, I imagined what the skeleton of this creature would look like if it were real. After the design was approved by my teacher, I drew the skeleton in pencil VERY TEDIOUSLY, and then went about colouring it.

Yeah, sure… the illustration doesn’t show the guts and the intestines like we want, but this is pretty cool anyhow. I can just imagine Luke stuffed inside that TaunTaun like a chicken in a turducken. Also, wouldn’t be awesome to go to a museum and see a skeleton of a TaunTaun or even a Rancor? It sure beats looking at stuffed elephants and antelopes.

Hit the jump and check out Erin’s cool “TaunTaun” skeleton illustration!

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Listen up Marvel! Listen up Fox! I want Louis Leterrier to direct ‘The Wolverine’!

With the departure of director, Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) from the project (due to the fact that he will be away from home for a year and doesn’t want to be away from family that long), Fox is regrouping to sign a new general to lead the Wolverine franchise to success. It is a huge loss to lose a director like Aronofsky (a guy I respect due to the fact that he chose family over career), but studios cannot cry about it forever. A new director must be named so that the project can move forward. The only thing certain is that Hugh Jackman will return as Logan AKA Wolverine.

The Direction: Let’s just get this out in the open. ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’ was a hot mess. Director Gavin Hood bite more than he can chew and has scurried off to the world of television (AMC’s ‘Breakout Kings’). Hood will work at the big times again one of these days, but Wolverine is not it. The film was driven with a lack luster script and given to a director that concentrated more on visual effects versus story. Even at that, the special effects were less than spectacular. Unlike Bryan Singer who gave birth to Wolverine on the big screen and embraced both the humanity and animal nature in Logan, Hood just bastardized it. However, I can’t put all the blame on Hood. Writers David Benioff (now on ‘Game of Thrones’) and Skip Wood (now on Die Hard 5) didn’t produce a good enough script for Hood to direct. It seemed like it was the blind leading the blind. Now, there is new blood in the franchise and things can only get better. With Christopher McQuarrie (Usual Suspects, Jack the Giant Killer) and comic great, Frank Miller (300, Xerxes) on board to write, we already know the story will be solid and that makes for a great foundation for a film like Wolverine. All we need is a director that can bring the story to life.

Why Leterrier: 37 year old French director, Louis Leterrier is the man behind the first two installments in the ‘Transporter’ series, ‘The Incredible Hulk’ (starring Edward Norton), and the ‘Clash of the Titans’ remake. You can debate that Clash of the Titans was not that great, but I think Clash was not a good pairing for Leterrier. Leterrier’s comfort zone seems to stories set in the “real world” and he is able to capitalize on it like he did with Transporter and the beginning of Incredible Hulk. Leterrier is able to direct movies set in foreign countries by embracing its beauty and integrate it into the storyline. Transporter was set in the French Mediterranean coastline and the Incredible Hulk’s opening scenes took place in Rio de Janeiro. Considering The Wolverine will be about Logan’s journey in Japan, you need a director that can take that challenge and use his surroundings to amplify the visuals in the film. Location isn’t everything though. No matter what, the core of The Wolverine is that it is an action movie. Who better than the man that put Jason Statham on the map by featuring amazing martial arts choreography in the Transporter series. One of the few signature aspects that was missing in the third film that Leterrier didn’t have a part of. It is obvious that Wolverine’s mutant gifts and adamantium skeleton makes him bigger than life, but the core of Logan’s attack has always been hand to hand combat. Unlike many who has god-like powers like Magneto and Cyclops, Wolverine still needs his fists to attack. Considering Wolverine’s well-known origins and battle experience throughout his long life, the first Wolverine film did not do him justice. Hood’s take on Wolverine made him more like a rabid fool that swings his arm wildly hoping to hit something. That just isn’t Wolverine’s style. He is a trained killer that uses tactic and fighting skills to take down his opponent. With Leterrier’s experience in martial art based action films, he would be able to take Wolverine back to what he does best. Even with all Leterrier’s experience with action, he is not a director that would get lost in it. Leterrier has the ability to find a good balance between creating amazing action sequences and telling a great story. He is a director with a clear vision of what kind of film he wants to make.

With the sequel to Incredible Hulk (which received positive reviews from critics) on the back burner until after ‘The Avengers’ and the departure of Edward Norton from the franchise, Leterrier is not tied down to the series. Along with the fact that Jonathan Liebesman (Battle: Los Angeles) is now directing ‘Wrath of the Titans’, Leterrier is in need of a new gig. For a director of his caliber, it would be a waste for him to go through 2011 without a project. Lets put him on ‘The Wolverine’!

What do you think? Who would you want to direct ‘The Wolverine’?


Oh yeah baby… It’s sooo on! Outside of ‘X-Men: First Class’, the movie I have been freakin’ out about coming out of Marvel Studios has to be ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’, so when Paramount Pictures dropped the first theatrical trailer for First Avenger, I couldn’t help, but scream in happiness for over five minutes. It is odd to see a trailer release months after the TV spots, but its better late than never. The trailer does a beautiful job of setting the ton of the film and kind of reminds me of the trailer for ‘Inglorious Basterds’. All this talk about sending Hitler to hell and such is making me want to pick up a Browning automatic rifle and run into battle alongside Steve Rogers. One of the key factors that really drives this trailer is definitely the hard-core nature of Tommy Lee Jones. Even though he plays a small character in the grander scheme of “Captain America”, he really commands the screen and dictates the tempo. All I know if this trailer makes me a believer and director Joe Johnston’s Captain America: The First Avenger film is going to be a head-bashin’, Nazi stompin’ good time.

‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ opens on July 22, 2011. Hit the jump and check out the first trailer for “The First Avenger”!

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Easily one of the manliest man I know, Jon Hamm dazzles. He is amazing and a real pimp on ‘Mad Men’ and the man makes both women and men weak in the knees. So what happens if our beloved Jon Hamm is either Superman or Batman? I’ll tell you what happens. Your face explodes. “Bathamm” and “Superhamm” were created by caricaturist/illustrator, Stanley Chow (@stan_chow). I would think Don Drapper would be an amazing pairing with Bruce Wayne and they would drink up all the whiskey and scotch in Gotham, but even Drapper would think Kent is a real drag. Drapper would probably just end up sleepin’ with Lois for good measure before waking up in a drunken rage. Good times!

Hit the jump to check out Stanley Chow’s “Bathamm” and “Superhamm”

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