Congratulations Star Wars! Star Wars toys and collectibles edged out ten nominees to be the newest inductees into the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong, a children’s  history museum in New York. Star Wars toys will take it’s rightful seat in the hall of fame with classic toys such as Barbie and Mr. Potato Head.

“Darth Vader is in the house,” Patricia Hogan, the museum’s curator of toys and dolls, said in an interview. “The characters from Star Wars tie into a story that is as ancient as Greek or Roman mythology. They are a force to be reckoned with.”

The National Toy Hall of Fame recognizes toys that promote learning, creativity, and play for decades. The other recipient of this prestigious honor was the game of dominoes.

“I like to think that what links dominoes and the action figures this year is they’re both small but powerful products that create play opportunities,” said Christopher Bensch, the museum’s chief curator.
“We hold those up against our three big criteria: longevity, recognition, and creative learning-engagement play, not just pushing a button and letting something do its trick.”

“I like to think that what links dominoes and the action figures this year is they’re both small but powerful products that create play opportunities,” said Christopher Bensch, the museum’s chief curator. “We hold those up against our three big criteria: longevity, recognition, and creative learning-engagement play, not just pushing a button and letting something do its trick.”

Congratulations to all Star Wars toys of the past, present, and future. Time to go buy some more action figures!



Oh. HHHEEEEELLLLLLLLLL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The toy gods have been very kind of Clark Gregg. The folks at Hot Toys just released the first look at the long awaited Agent Phil Coulson movie masterpiece action figure from The Avengers! Like most Hot Toys products, the talented sculptors at Hot Toys were able to produce an amazing action figure that looks exactly like the actor. In this case, Hot Toys had the daunting task of containing Agent Coulson’s epicness into a twelve inch action figure. From the looks of it, they succeeded. The Agent Coulson figure is not available yet, but I expect it to go for under $200 and will hit the streets sometime in Spring 2013. It looks like good ole’ Phil will be joining my collection of Marvel collectibles VERY soon.

Hit the jump and check out this awesome collectible!

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If you know anything about me, you know that I take toy collecting pretty seriously. I’m pretty picky about what toys I’m willing to shell out for and it takes an exceptional product for me to spend my money on it. That is probably why I’m not too much of a fan of the Tonner Doll’s collectible dolls because even though they are made to resemble a certain actor or character from a movie or television show, they rarely do. Most of the time, the actual product never looks like the picture and the less than spectacular facial sculpts are masked by even less great paint. Well, I guess it takes an artist of Noel Cruz‘s caliber to really bring out the potential of these mediocre dolls. Noel has done some really remarkable work by custom painting Tonner dolls to look more like the actor/character that they present. He has put his personal touch on Tonner Dolls for Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. If you’re interested in his skills for your collection of dolls, you can commission him for a cool $1,000 a pop. Wow.

Hit the jump and check out some of Noel’s impressive work.

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DC Entertainment, Kia Motors, West Coast Customs, RIDES and Super Street teamed up to create five Justice League inspired cars to raise funds and awareness for DC’s “We Can Be Heroes” charity.

Press Release: Kia Motors America (KMA) and DC Entertainment kicked off the 2012 SEMA Show today in superhero style with five radical machines inspired by the members of the Justice League: The Flash Forte Koup, Aquaman Rio 5-door, Cyborg Forte 5-door, Green Lantern Soul and the previously unveiled Batman Optima.  Built by West Coast Customs, RIDES and Super Street, each of the vehicles feature custom artwork by legendary comic book artist and DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee and are intended to raise awareness for DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” giving campaign to help fight the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa.  Each Justice League character was assigned to a specific Kia vehicle based on personality and key attributes to create these five iconic works of art on wheels.

Isn’t it a bit odd that there is no ride for Wonder Woman? There isn’t even one for Superman! If you’re trying to raise money for your charity, you figure you would probably design a car around two of the MOST POPULAR SUPERHERO IN THE WORLD! Maybe Superman wouldn’t be caught dead in a Kia. Maybe Wonder Woman’s car is invisible. Maybe Supes and Wonder Woman are inside her invisible car just going at it like two crazy super rabbits. Who knows….

Hit the jump and check out pics of these Justice League Kia cars!

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It’s been a while since Battlestar Galactica went off the air, but actresses, Tricia Helfer (@trutriciahelfer) and Katee Sackoff (@kateesackoff) has continued to work together over the years through Acting Outlaws (@ActingOutlaws), which combines their love for motorcycles and raising money and awareness for various charities and foundations. This year, the beautiful duo will be selling calenders featuring never-before-seen photos of the pair taken by celebrity photographer/filmmaker, Dennys Ilic. These sexy photographs makes for an amazing calender and portion of the profits goes straight to charity. This is a win-win situation for both your soul and your pants.

The calender is available exclusively through Redbubble. Hit the jump and get a small glimpse of the calender. NSFW

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Just in case you ever find yourself on Tatooine dealing with scum like Jabba the Hutt, make sure you pick up a Huttese translator ring before you agree to anything because who knows what the heck Boss Hutt is yapping at you. It’s not like you will have a Huttese translator droid on hand all the time. Mind as slip one of these suckers on before you agree on the terms on how many Ewok pelts he’s willing to buy. At the price of 14 credits, it will practically pay for itself (and it looks pretty bad ass as well).

Where to buy: Amazon


Attention my fellow friends that suffer from Boba Fettishism! Your battle with this addition is about to get worse all in thanks to Sideshow Collectibles. Sideshow continues to design and produce killer Star Wars collectibles and there is no signs of them stopping. One of the most exciting news this year from Sideshow has to be their “Star Wars Mythos” line of statues. They have already released their mythos version of Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a Gamorrean Guard. It looks like they are about to take the line to another level with what I think may be the greatest Boba Fett statue ever released.

Sideshow Collectibles proudly unveils the next entry in our acclaimed Star Wars Mythos series, the best bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett. Armed for anything, Boba Fett carries the traditional blaster rifle along with some heavier firepower. The Boba Fett Mythos statue makes an outstanding addition to the growing Star Wars Mythos collection, another one of a kind look at a familiar Star Wars icon.

Looks like it’s time to turn in those Wookiee and Ewok pelts for credits because this beauty isn’t cheap. Sideshow is planning on releasing Mythos Boba Fett in May 2013 and you can pre-order yours now for a cool 325 credits at

Hit the jump and prepare to drool like a Rancor.

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