Yeah. So I have a little boy on the way due in November. This is going to be first kid. Am I excited? Hell yes. Am I going to impose my will on my child and make him into a Star Wars fanatic like me? Probably. I guess @justjenndesigns and We Love Fine (@welovefinetees) understands me because they just released a bad ass t-shirt dubbed “The Rocking Walker”. Just look at it! It’s beautiful! A Lil’ AT-AT Driver on an AT-AT rocking horse? Genius I say! Now, I just need a Lil’ Scout Trooper on a speeder bike tricycle and a TIE Pilot on a TIE Fighter kiddie ride.

You can check out We Love Fine’s newest releases at! Hit the jump and check out We Love Fine’s newest Star Wars tees!

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It’s easy to just put on black spandex and call yourself Venom. It’s not easy to pour liquid latex on your bare ass and taking Venom cosplay to the next level. That is pretty much sums up Adam Jay’s (of Superhero Photography) newest photograph collection titled. “Symbiote”. Enlisting the help of model Freddie Nova, Adam put together an awesome collection of shot featuring Freddie getting exposed to the Symbiote in her bathroom and being transformed into Venom. Considering Freddie allowed someone to pour liquid latex onto her body and let it solidify to become a suit is one helluva feat. Even cooler when Freddie starts pulling on the latex from her body giving the effect of her trying to pull away the Symbiote from bonding with her body. All this makes for some sexy and scary pictures. Why do I feel like this is going to be a “thing” now. Liquid latex sales is going to go through the roof!

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Black Milk Clothing already put themselves on the geek map with some really cool R2-D2 and C-3PO inspired swimsuits. Well, they are at it again and this time, Black Milk is taking some inspiration from our favorite Time Lord, Doctor Who! Currently, everyone seems to have been bitten by the “Whovian” bug and ever since Matt Smith became the Eleventh Doctor, Doctor Who fandom has never been higher especially in the United States. So it seems like the team at Black Milk knows exactly what they are doing. To satisfy the masses for anything and everything related to Doctor Who, Black Milk designer, James Lillis created a TARDIS themed dress and leggings. Like most of Black Milk’s clothing, the dress is made of polyester and lycra and made to be skin tight. If you noticed during San Diego Comic Con, there was an abundance of girls wearing Black Milk’s Star Wars swimsuits. I think it’s safe to say that these TARDIS dresses and legging will be running rampant at SDCC 2013. Now, I have to wonder, does Black Milk have the balls to make a fish finger and custard themed dress? Probably not.

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I guess it’s hard to find love when you’re the most bad ass robot to ever grace the television. Thanks to Myx TV (an Asian-American music and lifestyle network), Voltron finds his (wait… is Voltron a guy?) soul-mate in the lovely Linda Le AKA Vampybitme (@vampybitme). Is Voltron a good date? I don’t know. He kind of sits there awkwardly and has no facial expressions. Plus, he kind of stares at you with those freaky yellow robot eyes. Would I date Voltron? FUCK YES I would. Who wouldn’t? He’s a huge freakin’ robot for goodness sake. I’m pretty sure my parents would be proud… I think…

Voltron airs on weeknights at 8/7C on Myx TV

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Okay. Captain Janeway never wore anything like this. Latex based costumes seems to be the rage lately and latex designer and fetishest, Jared Candy (@poisoncandyl8ex) of Poison Candy Latex is taking advantage of this trend to the fullest. Fulfilling every Star Trek fanboy’s (and fangirls) wet dream, Poison Candy just released a sexy latex Star Trek uniform that probably isn’t meets Starfleet uniform regulations. Pretty smart considering this appeals to a large group for Trek fans and rubber and latex fetishests. I’m not really a Trek fan (it’s all about Star Wars BABY!), but I can appreciate these costumes (I wonder why…). Poison Candy Latex will be revealing these costumes at Montreal Comic Con on September 16th. Hopefully, sales info will follow afterwards.

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Oh boy. How is it that a girl covered up in so much armor so damn sexy? The team at Naughty Zoot Design put together an amazing “FemShep” edition N7 armor from the hit video game, Mass Effect 3. Using a jet saw and a bunch of power sanders, NZD built this awesome armor out of aluminum cut from a full size aluminum slab. This armor is pretty solid considering it was weighs in at around 20lbs. That’s INSANE! The icing on the cake has to be their handmade N7 Valkyrie rifle that goes along with the armor. They could have gone with plastic, but a true cosplayer goes above and beyond and creates costumes that are mind blowing. What’s even cooler is that if you really want this armor for yourself, you can commission Naughty Zoot Designs to make you one by visiting their site. I’m pretty sure it will cost you a pretty penny though. Did I mention how sexy this costume is?

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I am your BAKER…

It’s “Star Wars Day” and you are probably getting ready to make some tasty Star Wars treats today. There are plenty of cool Star Wars kitchware out there, but I have to say this Dark Side apron has to one of the coolest things I have ever seen! This awesome homemade apron was made by Amanda Linton for the Bear and Bird Gallery’s “Stitch Wars” exhibition in Lauderhill, Florida. Too bad this apron look weird on me while I’m grillin’ up some Wampa rib-eyes. Sadly, this apron is more of an exhibit piece than for everyday use so it’s not available for sale. Somebody get this most impressive apron licensed and made!