Summer is here and the the sun is blistering. It looks like it’s beach season. If you’re looking for the right swimsuit that satisfies your geek and fashion needs, why not give ROMWE‘s line of DC Comic bikinis some consideration. As cool as these bikinis are, I have a sneaking suspicion that these bikinis are not legit and not approved by DC Comics. I only say that because the bikini with Batman and Superman on the bikini top is listed as “Super Man & Spider-Man“. Yeeaaah.

Where to buy: ROMWE

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I really love it when artists are able to draw inspiration from something and create something really cool. Designer/illustrator, Kelsey Michele created these awesome illustrations of gowns inspired by The Avengers. I love how clean the designs are and that they aren’t very “costumey”. I would think it would be cool to see some of these designs in real life. Great work Kelsey!

You can check out more of Kelsey’s work at her DeviantArt page.

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If you follow this site, you know that I don’t put up too much stuff about cosplay, but when I do, it’s usually something spectacular. You may also know that I have a soft spot for Jessica Rabbit and Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, So when I saw this stunning Jessica Rabbit cosplay by fashion designer and model, Kay Pike, how could I share it with you all. Please enjoy with your eyes only.

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Who said child safety cannot be fun? If you’re geek parents that want to “geekify” your clone, you should be taking your hard earned money over to Kids Embrace and yelling “TAKE MY MONEY NOW!”. Kids Embraces put together a fantastic Batman themed car seat for your toddler. Batman is carefully painted into the seat and the arms and fists serves as arm rest and cup holder. On top of that, you get a nifty cape that doubles as a warm blanket for your child. I guess the only thing that stands in your way is whether you want your child to sit on Batman’s lap the whole time. It could get awkward.

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Things are pretty bleak in the world these days and I don’t think these hideously stupid “sexy” Star Wars costumes are helping. Costume Craze just put out a collection of new Star Wars “sexy” costumes for the upcoming Halloween season and from the look of these, the designer that put these together must have just downed a gallon of tequila before going to work. These Star Wars inspired costumes are pretty much a body suit with a skirt and an ugly ass hat. However, the “sexy” Stormtrooper costume isn’t all that bad. Regardless of what I may think of these costumes, I’m pretty sure these are going to hit big in October and we probably will be seeing these costumes roaming around our favorite comic conventions. Each costume will run you about $70 (ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!) and will be available sometime at the end of Summer. I’m pretty sure I will lose faith in humanity around that time as well.

Hit the jump and check out the collection. Sigh…

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Halloween seems like it’s far away from the costume industry has been working all year getting ready to cash in during the month of October. Well, it looks like Star Wars fandom has went beyond the human race and all the way to man’s best friend. Costume Craze is offering a new batch of Star Wars dog costumes for 2013 including Bantha Dog, Dewback Dog, Tauntaun Dog, and AT-AT Dog. Each costume will run you about $30 and comes in various sizes for all dogs. My favorite has to be the Bantha (pictured above) with the deformed Tusken Raider riding on it’s back. Too bad Star Wars costumes for humans aren’t nearly as good as these. Now, I just have to find a dog before Halloween…

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HOLY SHIT! Cosplay costume and prop fabricators, Daniel Høgh and Justina Šniukštaitė of “Roses and Boltshells” put together this mind blowing costume of Imperial Fists Terminator Captain Tancred from Warhammer 40K. This incredible monolith to everything Warhammer was created out of foam and took them about two month and around $2,000 to put it all together. What really sells this costume has to be the beautiful paint application. I’m really floored on the exceptional weathering that was applied to this cosplay.

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