So… What if Mario was equipped with a “Portal Gun” in ‘Super Mario Bros.’? Well, I can tell you this much. Shit would just be easy and a bit pointless. Also, it wouldn’t be fair for the Goombas and the game designers that spent half their lives creating the game only to have the mustached bastard skip stages by creating portals everywhere. Well, thanks to Dorkly, we know what it would be like if Mario did have a Portal gun and it ain’t pretty. Trust me and King Koopa, Mario is a dick with a Portal gun.

Hit the jump and check out Dorkly’s “Mario Meets Portal 2”

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I’m pretty sure most of you know what a “flash mob” is (check Wiki if you don’t because I don’t want to spend ten minutes explaining it). Well, a few days ago, Chris Dupre and Hayley Kiyoko, who are the the stars of ‘Lemonade Mouth‘ (a made for TV movie by Disney) decided to drop their very own flash mob in the Apple store located at “The Grove” in Los Angeles. Chris and Hayley and a group of dancers crashed the store and did a flash mob rendition of “Determinate”, which is the title song from their movie. I have seen a lot of flash mob videos in the past online and I have to say that this is most likely the best one I have seen so far. Also, I have to admit that I have outgrown Disney channel movies, but I found myself addicted to this flash mob video. I’m not sure if it was the song or the dancing or even when the Apple store employees who pretty much ushered the group out the door before the song was over, but I found myself watching this damn video over and over again. I did feel bad for the kids considering they weren’t really harming anyone and was actually drawing a crowd to the store. At least the Apple store employee could have let them finish the song or their routine. Don’t make a human chain and push them out the door. From the looks of the video, it didn’t look like they were doing anything. I didn’t know the Apple store only employed prudes.  Oh well… A special thanks to @Vactor for getting this damn song stuck in my head. …determinate! I think I might need some help…

Hit the jump and check out the Lemonade Mouth flash mob at the Apple store.

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Royal wedding fever is in full force in England as the whole country is patiently waiting for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Well, one guy took “Royal wedding fever” and went crazy with it. Chris Balcombe has gone and customized a Dalek (the biggest baddie in the ‘Doctor Who’ universe) and customized it for the Royal wedding. Decked out in the colors of “Union Jack” with flags and pictures of Prince William and Kate, this Dalek also is able to serve drinks and sandwiches. Chris is no fool though. He is an expert of Daleks as he created some for BBC as well. Well, this isn’t the most villainous Dalek I have ever seen, but it might be the ugliest. Maybe this event is the reason Daleks’ want to “EXTERMINATE” the human race. Thanks for nothing Chris.

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I rarely ever post about cosplayer, but when I do, I make sure it is some of the best I have ever seen. That is the case with this amazing cosplay of Reika Shimohira and Kei Kurono from ‘Gantz’. Gantz is a very popular manga by Hiroya Oku that was adapted into an anime back in 2004. One of the best things about Gantz has to be the ultra-cool costumes and weapons that are featured in the manga/series. The cool costumes and weapons is also one of the reasons that you don’t see many people cosplaying Gantz at conventions because the challenge of doing the costume and weapons correctly is very high. Well, that didn’t scare cosplay and geek celebrity Linda Le (@VampyBitMe) of and famed illustrator and designer Long Vo (@vostalgic) from UDON Comics to show up at Katsucon 2011 in one of the best Gantz cosplays I have ever seen (this is counting Japan). Even though the design seems simple, you really have to look closer to enjoy all the little detail featured in the suits. From head to toe, there is a something to look at and admire. Along with the awesome costumes, the weapons are some of the best I have seen as well. Instead of the standard Nerf gun that is painted black or silver like most cosplayers, these customized cosplay guns with LED lights are top notch. It’s always a treat to see people cosplay characters that is fairly uncommon. It just makes them that much more special. It’s even better when they are at the level of these two.

Hit the jump and check out more pix of Vampy and VO’s amazing Gantz cosplay!

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We all have fond memories from our childhood when we played for hours and hours on our Nintendo Game Boy. One of the things I remember most would have to be some of the great music that came from these games such as ‘Tetris’. Well, what about the Game Boy itself? Without the game, can it hold a tune? Well, Sebastian Bender (@GNARL_O_RAMA) AKA MrSeberi seems to be able to. Utlizing every part of the Game Boy, Bender was able to create a pretty cool song mixing various sounds. Bender assures you that all the sounds came off the Game Boy and no effects were used. All I can say that Bender is definitely a creative guy and has way too much time on his hands.

Hit the jump and check out the “Game Boy Music” video!

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Remember back in March when I featured a video of a little girl named Sariah Gallego at Disneyland who decided to turn her back on the Jedis and swear her allegiance to Darth Vader and the Dark Side? Well, since than the video has gone viral and the world wants to know more about the “Sith Girl”. Well, thanks to actress and ‘Star Wars’ geek, Jennifer Landa (@jenniferlanda) was able to track Sariah down and spend some time with her at her home. Considering I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the video that maybe someone made her kneel down in front of Vader during the “Jedi Academy” stage show, it has become obvious that it was all Sariah’s idea. From the age of three (now eight), Sariah has been a Star Wars fan just like her family and since her lover affair with Star Wars, she has decided that her main goal in life is to kill Darth Vader and take his place as the Master Sith Lord just like her hero, Darth Talon did. Her love for Star Wars also gave birth to (under construction) where young girls who love the Darkside can visit to talk about Star Wars and also watch future vlogs from Sariah. It is obvious that Sariah and her family will be taking full advantage of their newfound notoriety with a new website and apparel line. From the looks of it, the future is looking very bright (or dark) for the next generation of Star Wars geek girls.

You can follow Jennifer Landa on Tumblr and YouTube! Hit the jump and check out Jennifer’s interview with “Sith Girl”, Sariah Gallego.

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Just when I thought Rebecca Black’s terrible song, “Friday” was wiped from my memories, the team at Teddie Films’ smacks me in the face with a ‘Star Wars’ parody titled “Primeday”. Primeday, of course is one of the days in the week in the Star Wars universe and Teddie Film does a remarkably bad (in a good way) spoof for Black video that went viral. Everything that you expect from “Friday” such as terrible lyrics and ridiculous chorus is all found in “Primeday”. Maybe they did a too good of a job on this parody because I’m starting to get annoyed half way through it.

Hit the jump and check out the music video to “Primeday”

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