Yes I know. This is a ‘Star Trek’ related post and I’m a ‘Star Wars’ kind of guy. Well, sometimes I have to post news no matter what it’s related to as long as its pretty cool. This is the case with Bernd Schneider’s amazing illustration collection of starship bridges from ‘Star Trek’ and it’s various spin-offs. Featured on his site, Ex Astris Scientia, Bernd recreates starship bridges from the “Enterprise” , “Voyager”, etc. On top of that, he also has detailed pictures of Starfleet shuttles such as the “Delta Flyer”. The detail in these diagrams are pretty amazing and well worth mentioning. Bernd features almost 40 different designs. I am quite interested in anything related to Seven of Nine from ‘Star Trek Voyager’. If you need to ask why, than you really don’t need to know.

Hit the jump to check out a few of Bernd’s amazing illustrations!

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YUM! It was a pleasant surprise to run into this oddity on technabob. I’m a huge fan of bento boxes (especially when made by my wife) and the game ‘Angry Birds’ (more like was a fan… it got old real fast…). The creative crew at mymealbox put together this pretty adorable bento box featuring the “angry birds” and pigs from the game. Vegetables such as tomatoes and peas were used to color the rice and various fruits and vegetables are used to make the nose (carrot), ears (grapes), etc. Nori (dried seaweed) is used to fill in the details such as eye pupils, eye brows, and nostrils. mymealbox was spot on as they were able to recreate the characters from Angry Birds with great detail. They even got the stupid look on the pig down. Amazing! Shit, now I’m hungry…


Hummm… Very interesting indeed… I am faced with the tough decision of deciding what exactly it could be. Found on @kimmi_page‘s tumblr page “The Kessel Run (in 11 parsecs)“. Before I read the text, I saw a pretty cool looking illustration of Wolvie. It wasn’t until after reading, I noticed the two Bat men doing eskimo kisses. Which is it? Wolverine or two Bat men? I’m going with two Bat men sharing a kiss at sunset. I wish it would be Wolvie as well, but I don’t remember the fur ball having a nose like Gonzo from the Muppets in the shape of a harpoon.

[credit: artist unknown]


Yay! A new ‘Doctor Who’ inspired tee! Illustrator, Mike Dimayuga of San Joaquin County, CA (@theothermiked) created this pretty awesome tee inspired the hideous baddies, “The Weeping Angels” from Doctor Who. Titled, “Don’t Blink”, the tee features a weeping angel with a fair warning on the bottom. I especially like the TARDIS included as the letter “i”. The “Don’t Blink” tee will be available at RIPT Apparel only for today (2/8/2011) at $10 each! I already ordered mine! You can check out Mike’s amazing work at his deviant art page!

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Oh man. Hugo Weaving looks like a hard ass as Red Skull. Chris Evans looks like a stud as Captain America. We get a hi-res first glimpse into Red Skull (pre-disfigurement) and also Chris Evans in what appears to be his modern Captain America suit. Did I ever mention, how much I love officially released movie images? Well I do. Now to get back on track. We also get a glimpse to the set where a normal Steve Rogers is given the “super soldier” serum and looks like Tommy Lee Jones is the man behind the project. I don’t post during the weekend, because I value my free time too much, but these pictures were too awesome to pass up.

‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ opens on July 22nd, 2011. I can’t wait.

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Now this is more like it. I love officially release images (rather than the crap from the last post), and I have to say, Marvel‘s official “Captain America: The First Avenger’ “Avenge” teaser poster is quite stunning. Chris Evans looks pretty hard core in the poster and I can honestly say the guy is pretty cut and looks sexy as hell as Steve Rogers. Back when ‘Fantastic Four’ was announced, I was a bit disappointed the Evans was cast as “The Human Torch”. I always thought he looked the part of Captain America when I saw the movie “Cellular” and I was surprised and happy to see Marvel let him play another of it’s iconic characters. Now, my job is to go and find his poster and get it inside the house.

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Ahhh… This is one of the reasons I HATE set photos. Especially when they are not officially released by the studio and taken by some douche with a camera. What we have here is a set photo from a yet to be titled ‘Spider-Man’ movie starting Andrew Garfield and directed by Marc Webb. This photo went viral is a couple hours and I feel bad for the guy behind the mask (I doubt its Garfield). It looks like it suppose to be a scene where Spidey jumps onto a no-name baddie’s shoulder and do a flip, but of all the photos that photographer took, he or she choose the ones where it looks like they are getting it on. Pretty stupid in my opinion. However, I can’t blame the photographer for what was going on with Spidey’s costume around the crotch. What the hell is up with the enormous cod piece?! That just looks terrible. Well, as much as I hate them, I am pretty sure there will be more “Latest Spider-Man Movie Set Photos” next week. Bleh.

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