Hands down, this is the most impressive theater room I have ever seen. Located in a 10,000+ square foot Hawaiian home, Acoustic Innovations of Boca Raton, FL completely decked out this home theater room in tribute to ‘Star Wars’. Featuring six amazing flat-panel HDTVs and a touchscreen remote from Crestron that lets you control everything with one single remote. To make the room convincing that it belongs in a starship, the room has a three-dimensional fiber optic scarscape ceiling along with motorized pocket doors. The best part of the whole room is the 107 inch curved anamorphic display from Stewart Filmscreen that is used with a Runco DLP projector that is hidden in the back. My favorite feature of the room is probably the life-size replica R2-D2 and C-3PO that talks to the guests. If there was even a small chance I wouldn’t get caught, I would definitely break into this house.

Hit the jump for more looks at this impressive ‘Star Wars’ theater room.

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Entertainment Weekly released the first picture of Adrianne Palicki in her Wonder Woman costume for the television series pilot. I’m not sure what to think of this. At first glance, I do like the tight fitting costume (because I’m a dude I guess…), but after staring for a couple minutes, I’m not sure if I like it anymore. I can see that the David E. Kelly’s new Wonder Woman logo is featured on the bust are (blush…) and the belt, but for some reason, the tight blue pants really throws the whole costume off. It makes it even worse that the blue matches the colors of her boots as well. Am I just so used to Wonder Woman showing off her impressive long Amazonian legs in the comics that these pants make me hate this costume? I like the bracelets and I dig the lasso and corset, but those damn pants! I can’t believe I’m complaining about skin tight pants on a beautiful lady. EW also reveals that David E. Kelly will also work in Wonder Woman’s plane and promises that this will not be a campy take on Wonder Woman. I don’t know… a plane sounds campy to me already. I wonder if  its invisible as well…

Hit the jump to check out Adrianne Palicki’s in her full Wonder Woman costume.

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I find this to be one of the most amazing Disney Princess fan art ever. While we are geared to think Disney princesses as the pure and innocent and “the fairest of them all”, Canadian illustrator Chris Hill (known on DeviantArt as chill07) decided to expose the princesses as something evil. Depicting the Disney princesses as a representation of the “7 deadly sins, Chris illustrates each princess beautifully in “art nouveau” style with the sin they each represent. I never thought about the relation between Belle (Beauty and the Beast) as “vanity” or Ariel (The Little Mermaid) as “greed”, but its interesting to think about. Maybe the association of the sins to the princesses is a bit of a stretch, but the end result is seven amazing illustrations that takes your breath away. I wonder if these illustrations are available in prints. I will kill to have them hanging in my house. They are THAT good.

Hit the jump to check out Chris Hill’s amazing “The 7 Deadly Sins as Disney Princesses” collection!

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I’m not sure what to think about these. I have happy memories about the original ‘Voltron’ Lions from my childhood and I can’t help but feel that these are not it. In the Spring, Nicktoons will be airing a brand new Voltron animated series called, ‘Voltron Force’ which follows a new generation of pilots that will wield the power of the “Voltron Lions” to protect the universe. For the older generation of Voltron fans, the original pilots will also be in the series. There is no word on whether the Lions pictured above are the same from the original series or a brand new modern take on the Lions. I can’t wait to see if there will be a die-cast action figure of the new Voltron. It would go great with my old Voltron toy. Even though I’m excited for the new series, I’m not in love with these new Lions. I always loved the block-like style of the Lions and these seem a bit like sleek and odd. I blame the iPhone.

‘Voltron Force’ airs in Spring 2011 on Nicktoons. Hit the jump to see a closer look at the new Lions.

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Click to Enlarge

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I find this pretty cool and confusing as hell. Chicago resident art director/graphic designer, Billy Ray decided to create a pretty complex, but simplified visual map of all the major events that took place in the ‘Battlestar Galactica’ universe. Titled, “Battlestar Galactica: Space & Time”, this infographic includes evens such as the settlement of the humans on the “Twelve Colonies” and when the colonies were infiltrated by the “skinjobs”.

I created this visual time line of the Battlestar Galactica universe after the season 4, episode 17 “No Exit” data dump resulted in near aneurism for my friends and me. I later updated it to include key points from the “Caprica” pilot movie.

This is pretty interesting and I think I need to go back to the beginning and watch BSG again to see if the infographic is correct or not. I had a hard time getting into ‘Caprica’, so I’m just going to take Billy’s word for it. Click the above image to enlarge for a better look!



I’m not a “picture and caption” kind of guy and I have no use for that on my site and leave that for my tumblr page (Kicking Ewoks for Fun!), but I could pass up the chance to spotlight this awesome cosplayer. Photo taken by Socal Photography at the recent Emerald City Comicon (which took place on March 4-6 at Seattle, Washington). As you can see, this is a brilliant cosplay of Ernie the Chicken as Boba Fett as seen in ‘The Family Guy’s hilarious take on ‘Star Wars’, “Something, Something, Something Dark Side”. From the looks of it, the cosplayer used the standard Boba Fett helmet from Hasbro and created the rest of the costume. I can’t help be in awe of this costume. I really wish I knew who the person behind the helmet was so I can give them some credit and some love.

See! That was more than a caption! Right?



I love these odd ball ‘Star Wars’ illustrations! Illustrator, Jesse Lonergan put together a stellar collection of various Star Wars characters dancing their asses off. Titled “Dance with the Star Wars”, Jesse depicts various Rebel Alliance and Imperial Force soldiers ripping it on the dance floor. It is something about a Stormtrooper or Rebel soldier shakin’ what their momma’s gave them that makes them real sexy. Jesse’s simple, but elegant illustrations kind of reminds me of the days when I was young Sith-ling checking out the latest comic strips in the Sunday newspaper at breakfast. The illustrations are a bit innocent and whimsical. You almost forget that these two factions are at war with each other than wouldn’t hesitate to blast the other. My favorite has to be the Stormtrooper shreading on a guitar with this shirt off and the Jawa sporting a boombox. I guess music and dancing really brings even the worst enemies together. I would figure that Wookiees would be mean on the dance floor as well. Can you imagine Chewie doing the “Snoopy dance”? Well, wouldn’t that nice!?

Hit the jump to check out Jesse’s “Dance with the Star Wars” collection!

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